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Week 5

Rene Morency
January 26, 2017

Week 5

Rene Morency

January 26, 2017


  1. Week five Discovery

  2. Agenda 1. Recap: What happened last week 2. Design direction:

    The proposed interface using the visual direction and wireframes 3. Architecture (& security): Let’s talk about how the application will be architected 4. Minimal viable product (MVP): The suggested delivery dates based on the MVP 5. User story delivery and budget: What can be delivered and how much will it cost 6. Next steps
  3. 1. Recap User research (Analysis) User flows (Refactored) User stories

    (MoSCoW) Design direction (Research) MVP
  4. 2. Design direction < back number one number two number

  5. 3. Architecture and security

  6. 4. Minimal viable product (MVP) MUST have SHOULD have COULD

    have WON’T have MVP January 3rd February 27th March 13th Start Deployment QA testing On-boarding Working product Infrastructure in place Delivery Support (TBC) < back number one Case number two Case number three url.xxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk
  7. 5. User story delivery (& budget) Velocity = 1.3/5

  8. 5. Next steps Ready for March 22nd 1. Alpha, Beta,

    Go-live: Report 2. Alpha, Beta, Go-live: Statement of Works (SoW) 1. Agreement in principle on design direction 2. Agreement in principle on MVP 3. Agreement in principle on budget Today