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Introduction to Green-e Energy

Introduction to Green-e Energy

An explanation of the Green-e Energy certification program and how it works within the larger voluntary renewable energy market in North America. This webinar covers the basics of how renewable energy is generated, tracked, and sold; how Green-e Energy protects consumers by ensuring clear title to renewable energy purchases that are as advertised; and how consumers, businesses, and renewable energy sellers can become involved with Green-e Energy.

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  1. Introduction to Green-e Energy Kirsten Ho Analyst, Certification Programs Center

    for Resource Solutions
  2. 2 1. About CRS and Green-e 2. The Voluntary Market

    3. The Value of Green-e 4. Verification Procedures 5. Marketing and Claims 6. Get Certified Outline
  3. 3 Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) creating policy and market solutions to

    advance sustainable energy since 1997. • Expert assistance • Renewable energy and climate policy • Renewable Energy Markets annual conference • Green-e® certification for suppliers and users of renewable energy and carbon offsets in the voluntary market About Center for Resource Solutions
  4. None
  5. Certifications for sellers… ü Utility green power programs ü Community

    solar ü RECs ü Competitive electricity products ü Carbon offsets ü Community choice aggregation ü Carbon offset natural gas programs ü Federally eligible Certifications for buyers… ü PPAs (delivered or virtual) ü On-site power ü Corporate purchasers ü Products manufacturing ü Conferences and trade shows ü EV charging stations ü Paper and printers
  6. the voluntary market

  7. Driving Demand Voluntary Purchasing. Why buy? • Reduce GHGs and

    air pollution • Meet corporate sustainability goals • Scope 2 GHG Emissions Claims • Energy independence • Job creation • Promote sources of unlimited, emissions-free energy • Proven and effective compliment to policy drivers • Accelerate market development and help overcome market barriers
  8. Voluntary Product Types Bundled Utility Green Pricing Competitive Electricity Direct

    PPAs Community Choice Aggregation Community/Shared Renewables On-site OR Unbundled RECs Direct RECs (VPPAs) Community Choice Aggregation (RECs) Brokers RECs must be included in ALL options
  9. Voluntary Markets Need: • Real delivery of specified generation (attributes)

    • Consumer confidence • No double counting or double claiming • Ongoing interaction with regulatory structure • Regulatory surplus
  10. ‘Double Claims’ [P]ublic statements or representations that directly or through

    implication confer the use of renewable electricity or any of the environmental attributes within the REC (including avoided emissions) to a party who is not the REC owner. The effect of a double claim is that the environmental benefits of that REC are counted twice, once by the legitimate REC owner and once by the other claimant, which can result in environmental benefits that are “double-counted.” (Explanation of Green-e Energy Double Claims Policy, p.2-3).
  11. Voluntary Markets Need: • Real delivery of specified generation (attributes)

    • Consumer confidence • No double counting or double claiming • Ongoing interaction with regulatory structure • Regulatory surplus
  12. the value of green-e

  13. Consumer protection and certification for voluntary renewable energy purchases

  14. • Certifies majority of the U.S. voluntary market • Chain

    of custody certification • Certify RE transactions and programs
  15. Green-e Energy and Consumer Protection •The Reason for Green-e Energy.

    Creating confidence in clean energy purchases •Best Practices in Standard Setting. Independent Governance Board, Stakeholder-driven standards and policies. Code of Conduct and Customer Disclosure Requirements •Claims and the Annual Verification Process. Annual verification of sales and claims, Marketing Compliance Review •Other Standards Require Green-e.
  16. Green-e Citations: Green-e Partners: Green-e Certification | Citations and Partners

    Ø U.S. EPA Ø NRDC Ø Union of Concerned Scientists Ø CDP Ø World Resources Institute LEED points issued to new construction using Green-e certified energy
  17. The Value of Green-e Energy: Ensuring Best Practices GENERATION/ SUPPLY

    à SALE à CUSTOMER 1. Customers were provided with the product promised to them. •Annual Verification of Supply and Sales. 2. Customers are given clear and accurate information about their purchase. •Disclosure when you buy: •Price, Terms & Conditions •Product Content Label •Marketing Compliance Review
  18. Benefits of Green-e Certification • Provides risk reduction to all

    parties • Protects against double claims • Verifies product marketing claims • Meets diverse state-specific requirements • Support for multiple purchasing types • Demonstrates clean energy and climate leadership • Differentiates your company and product • Strengthens customer and employee loyalty • Integrates you into a community of leading organizations • Provides trusted 3rd party assurances
  19. verification procedures

  20. Green-e Renewable Energy Standard • Resource type • Date facility

    came on-line (New Date) • Vintage • No double counting / selling / claiming • GHG benefits must be included • Geographic restrictions • State-specific requirements and restrictions
  21. Green-e Energy Annual Verification • Annual independent verification audit of

    supply and sales • Proof of sale • Internal reporting documents, invoices, contracts, etc. (A) • Sale details • Ensures clear ownership, no double counting • Chain of custody through attestations and tracking systems • Tracking Attestations
  22. Green-e Eligible ≠ Green-e Certified • Not the individual facility

    that is certified • The individual facility is not eligible; it is the generation that is eligible • Eligibility means that we have checked that the facility meets our standards and the RECs have not been claimed by other parties
  23. marketing and claims

  24. 1. Real delivery of specified generation (attributes) 2. Consumer confidence

    3. No double counting or double claiming 4. Ongoing interaction with regulatory structure 5. Regulatory surplus 6. Government support and recognition 7. Products that meet customer preferences and needs Growing successful renewable energy markets requires:
  25. Code of Conduct: Marketing and Claims • Review of customer

    disclosure and marketing language • Required Product Content Label and product disclosures • Marketing material reviews • Accuracy in product advertising
  26. Marketing Compliance Review (MCR) •Participant will submit: •Product details •Name,

    type, resource mix •Mailings •Upfront disclosures •Subscription Mechanisms •Marketing Materials (incl. social media) •Website •Logo use •Call Centers
  27. sign-up for green-e energy

  28. Documents to Review

  29. Submit to Green-e 1. Contract with Green-e 2. Prospective Product

    Content Label (PPCL) 3. Price, Terms, and Conditions
  30. Western Region: Jillian Forte [email protected] Midwest and South: Maggie Lund

    [email protected] Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Kirsten Ho [email protected]
  31. 31 Upcoming Events www.resource-solutions.org/events

  32. None
  33. 33 Q&A

  34. Contact Kirsten Ho Analyst, Certification Programs [email protected] 415-561-2133