Introduction to Green-e Marketplace

Introduction to Green-e Marketplace

Presented on June 12, 2014 by Brendan Cook, Center for Resource Solutions
Green-e Marketplace is a program that recognizes organizations using certified renewable energy and enables them to demonstrate their environmental commitment through the use of the nationally recognized Green-e logo. Green-e Marketplace gives its participants unique resources to help them communicate their commitment to clean energy on their collateral, website, and products. This hour-long webinar explains the requirements of joining the program, the benefits of clean-energy purchases to an organization's sustainability strategy, and how Green-e Marketplace fits into the overall green-labeling ecosystem.


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    Introduction to Green-e Marketplace June 12th, 2014 Brendan Cook Green-e

    Marketplace Senior Analyst Center for Resource Solutions 415-568-4280
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    Presentation Roadmap Introduction Brief Overview of Green-e Energy Certification From

    Purchase of Renewable Energy to Promotion Overview of Green-e Marketplace for • Renewable Energy • Climate Commitments & Carbon Offsets • Print • Electric Vehicles • Events Benefits of Green-e Marketplace and Green-e logo Q&A
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    Consumer Protection and Certification for Voluntary Renewable Energy Purchases •

    Established in 1997 • Certification of three RE product types: –Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) –Utility green pricing programs –Competitive Electricity products • Covers all 50 states and Canada
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    Renewable Energy: REC + electricity Renewable Energy Certificates are renewable

    energy. RECs are tracked, traded, sold, and retired. You buy a REC, you’re buying renewable energy.
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    How to Buy Renewable Energy Utility Green Power Programs Competitive

    Electricity Providers Renewable Energy Certificates On-site Generation or
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    • Allows use of Green-e logo to promote purchase –

    Minimum purchase or generation requirements – Fee to use trademarked logo – Verification of purchases and percent of use claims – Purchase of Carbon offsets & reduction commitments • Logo can be used on consumer goods manufactured with 100% renewable energy Verification and Logo Use for Renewable Energy and Carbon Offset Purchasers
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    Green-e Marketplace options for Renewable Energy On Product Organization or

    Company Headquarters Re:print (in print) Electric Vehicles Events
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    Green-e for Electric Vehicles What’s powering your EV? Green-e provides

    claims and communication for your certified renewable power purchase for electric vehicles and charging stations.
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    Brendan Cook Green-e Marketplace Senior Analyst Center for Resource Solutions

    415-568-4280 brendan|at| @greenemarktplc
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    Resources Find out how to put the Green-e logo

    to use for your organization Get the latest research and reports from CRS, including the recently published study, Unlocking the Power of Renewable Energy Certification to Build Credibility with Consumers U.S. EPA’s Guide to Purchasing Green Power Comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides Renewable Energy Markets annual conference