Down-to-Earth Microservices with Java EE

Cd94eaef7b2860c41cb0612720137e2b?s=47 Reza Rahman
February 04, 2018

Down-to-Earth Microservices with Java EE

Microservices have become the new kid of the buzzword block in our ever colorful industry. In this session we will explore what microservices really mean within the relatively well established context of distributed computing/SOA, when they make sense and how to develop them using the lightweight, simple, productive Java EE programming model.

We'll explore microservices using a simple but representative example using Java EE. You'll see how the Java EE programming model and APIs like JAX-RS, JSON-P, JSON-B, Bean Validation, CDI, JPA, EJB 3 and JMS aligns with the concept of microservices.

It may or may not surprise you to learn in the end that you already know more about microservices than you realize and that it is an architectural style that does not really require you to learn an entirely new tool set beyond the ones you already have. You might even see that Java EE is a particularly powerful and elegant tool set for developing microservices.


Reza Rahman

February 04, 2018