Pragmatic Microservices with Java EE and WildFly Swarm

Cd94eaef7b2860c41cb0612720137e2b?s=47 Reza Rahman
October 24, 2017

Pragmatic Microservices with Java EE and WildFly Swarm

Microservices have become the new kid of the buzzword block in our ever colorful industry. In this hands-on workshop we will explore what microservices really mean within the relatively well established context of distributed computing/SOA, when they make sense and how to develop them using the lightweight, simple, productive Java EE programming model.

We will explore microservices step-by-step using a simple but representative example.

* We will start with a vanilla Java EE monolithic application.
* We will break down the application into sensible Java EE based microservices.
* We will then apply concepts such as fat-jars, dynamic discovery, client-side fault-tolerance and circuit-breakers to our microservices using WildFly Swarm.
* If time permits we will deploy our microservices to AWS using Docker.

Focal points for the workshop will be explaining basic concepts, exploring trade-offs, open-ended discussion as well as hands-on coding.

* Make sure you have JDK 8 installed:
* Please install NetBeans 8. Make sure to download the Java EE edition:
* Download GlassFish 4.1. Make sure to download the full platform, not the web profile. Please do not use GlassFish 4.1.1, GlassFish 4.1.2 or GlassFish 5 - it will not work for the lab:
* Please download and install the latest version of Maven:
* Download and install Consul for your OS.
* Install Docker on your OS.


Reza Rahman

October 24, 2017