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Your Impact Audit

Your Impact Audit

Sara Ross


  1. Week#1 Trigger Track This week record everything; big and small,

    personal and professional, that trigger you by driving up stress and draining energy. Your Impact Audit Week#2 Monitor Your Energy Now that you are aware of your triggers, record how they make you feel; physically, impact on thoughts, andreactions. Take time to monitor your energy as well – do you notice patterns? Week#3 ImpactAwareness Find 2-3 people you trust and request their honest and observational feedback, what does it look like when you are triggered? Have them describe the changes in your body language andreactions. *Remember, you are accountability for your impact. Week#4 Page1 © BrainAMPED2021 Sara Ross www.sarajross.com Chief VitalityOfficer Alignment Analysis Reflect on “you at your best.” What does it look like? Feel like? How do you approach people and challenges in this state? Who can serve as your accountability partner? Finally, what strategy will you use to align your impact even when you are triggered? Triggered → Strategy→ 'Best You' Impact The following three questions are powerful check-ins to help monitor your progress. Self assess with these questions and ask others to assess you on the same questions (professionally and personally). On a scale of 1-5 (1 low, 5 high) how would you assess your ability to: Impact Awareness Recognize how your emotions under stress, impact you and your reactions towards others? Impact Adaptability Receive difficult feedback without getting defensive or over personalizing it? Empathy Impact Listen to others without jumping to solutions, conclusions or judgment? Empowerment Impact Let go and trust others to get things done, even when their approach or strengths are different than yours? #1 #2 #3 #4
  2. www.sarajross.com Accountability Check Stop - notice how this situation is

    impacting you Language - check your internal dialog, verbal & body language Oxygenate - reground your attention & manage cortisol Wonder - I wonder what is my impact right now? (& does it align with my intention?) Empathy #1 #2 #3 What have you tried so far? (don’t make any assumptions and instead start where they are and with openness and curiosity listen). What else would be helpful to consider? (or what else would be important for me to understand about this situation?) How are you looking to move this forward? (let them tell you if they need support instead of asking 'what do you need from me?' which will automatically pull you in and add to your responsibilities). Sara Ross @SaraJRoss @Sara_J_Ross Page2 © BrainAMPED2020 www.sarajross.com Empowering Problem Solving