Switch from offline education mode to online with Think Exam!

Switch from offline education mode to online with Think Exam!

Offline education system has drastically come to a halt in COVID-19 crisis. Think Exam Inspires every teacher to stand strong and continue the teaching process with its comprehensive E-learning platform and Online Examination System.


Richa Ahuja

March 27, 2020


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    with Think Exam Online Examination Platform Switch from offline education

    mode to online Presented by www.thinkexam.com A Secure Online Examination Platform
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    “Don’t break the chain of learning simply just switch to

    online teaching” This is the time to grow your educational business! Switch to Digital education and reach out to millions of students with online LIVE CLASSES and online examination system. Think Exam stands strong with you in the fight against Coronavirus and empowers you with a robust and cost effective E- Learning platform.
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    Get your personalized brand app Think Exam will provide you

    with a customized app with your own brand name and brand logo. The online E-Learning courses such as quizzes, videos, documents and even chats get auto-synced with the mobile app. Think Exam takes the responsibility to make your app go live! We publish it on Google Play Services and Apple App Store and notify you as soon as it is done.
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    Start instant live classes Deliver unlimited live classes with state

    of the art features like video on demand and group chat. You can record your live online classes and later share it with your students through sending link in the broadcast messages. Your learners will get the feasibility to learn from anywhere at any time through their mobile phones. A live streaming platform on which you can easily manage your live streaming by scheduling, re-scheduling and monitoring the sessions.
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    Create and sell engaging courses Use variety of content type

    such as quizzes, videos and PDF documents to create engaging courses. All the online course content is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud platform. Upgrade your courses by turning them into a package which includes mock tests. Get payments through integrated safe payment gateways .
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    Customized Mock Test templates Create mock tests on exact pattern

    of government and competitive exams such as GATE, Banking, IIT JEE, CAT, GMAT, SSC and many more. Schedule your mock tests to be answered later. Provide comprehensive test performance report along with explanations to answers through videos and images.
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    Implement goal based learning Reward your best performing students with

    customized certificates. Add your brand name and logo on the certificates along with digital signature. Create Point and award system for crossing every stage successfully.
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    “Experience the ease of imparting instructions online.” Boost your educational

    business, put your courses for selling, start live classes and create variety of study material… all with Think Exam E-Learning Platform.
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