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Riska Aprilia Kuswati's Portfolio

Riska Aprilia Kuswati's Portfolio


Riska Aprilia Kuswati

January 14, 2022


  1. An experienced geodetic engineer with a demonstrated proficiency in working

    on more than thirty projects from various sectors in Indonesia. I am passionate about the application of geospatial information to sustainable development. RISKA APRILIA KUSWATI, S.T. Geodetic Engineer About me.
  2. Title Year Description Institution Remark Website Real Time Information System

    For Integrated And Sustainable Sanitation Development Using Web GIS Publication SDG Academy Indonesia https://berandainspirasi.id/sis tem-informasi-real-time- untuk-pembangunan- sanitasi-yang-terpadu-dan- berkelanjutan- menggunakan-web-gis/ “Ikan Nelayan Segar Mobile App” Increasing Traditional Fisherman Productivity and Strengthening Local Economy using Remote Sensing Technology 2021 Pitch Proposal Indonesia Development Forum 2021 Top Selected Pitch Category https://indonesiadevelopme ntforum.com/id/2019/article /detail/177943- pengumuman-karya-terpilih- pengajuan-proposal-call-for- submission-idf- 2021?1641893261 Covid-19 Momentum to Accelerate the Use of New and Renewable Technologies using IoT-based WebGIS 2021 Publication Hutama Karya Expert Talk Competition Top 50 out of 1300 participants Housing Priority Locations Analysis for Middle-Class Society of Urban Workers in Jakarta Using Geographical Information System 2019 Research Winaya Mukti University Undergraduate Thesis Topographic Mapping To Create The Situatuin Map Of Degan II Hamlet, Banjararum Village, Kalibawang District, Kulon Progo Regency, D.I.Yogyakarta Province 2017 Research Gadjah Mada University Final Project Research http://etd.repository.ugm.ac .id/penelitian/detail/115018 Comparative Analysis of Real Time Precise Point Positioning (RTPPP) GPS Measurement Method and Total Station 2017 Research Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Internship Research Mapping And Development Of Agricultural Land Geospatial Information Systems 2016 Research Gadjah Mada University Community Research https://teknikgeomatika.sv.u gm.ac.id/event/pengabdia n-pada-masyarakat-tahun- 2016/
  3. No. Client/Company Location Year Description 1. PT Kaltim Prima Coal

    East Kalimantan 2021 Satellite Imagery and GIS to create Orthophoto 2. Ministry of Public Works and Housing Central Java 2021 Satellite Imagery for Detail Engineering Design (DED) of Jaragung Dam 3. PT Persada Aceh LiDAR for the Development of Micro Hydro Power Plant in Aceh 4. PT Utami Jaya Central Kalimantan 2021 LiDAR for Hauling Road Planning 5. PT Riyanta Jaya Central Kalimantan 2021 UAV Fixed Wing for Topographic Mapping 6. PT Terra Solum Indonesia Jambi 2020 UAV Drone for Topographic Mapping 7. PT Greenland Resources Central Kalimantan 2020 UAV Fixed Wing for Topographic Mapping 8. PT Argo Manunggal Central Java 2019 UAV Drone for Topographic Mapping 9. PT Bumi Mkamur Group West Java 2018 GIS for Resolving the Land Dispute Aerial Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing
  4. ▪ Output of Aerial Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing

  5. Water Resources No. Client/Company Location Year Description 1. PT Sinar

    Bangun Mandiri South Sumatera 2021 Hydrographic Survey for Construction of Special Coal Station 2. Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR) – PT PP Banten 2021 Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Control Framework for Ciujung River Priority Civil Works Package 3 3. Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR) – PT Indra Karya Central Java 2021 Mapping of the DED for the Construction of the Kedunglanggar Dam for the Batang Integrated Industrial Estate (KITB) 5. Minister of Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR) – BBWS Pemali Juana Central Java 2021 SPOT Satellite Image for Jragung Dam 6. PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Jakarta 2019 Hydrographic Survey for Sunter Reservoir Normalization 7. PT Indra Karya Central Java 2020 Ocean Tide Calculation for The Housing Development Project on the seashore of Semarang 8. Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements(PUPR) – PT Indra Karya Central Kalimantan 2020 Topographical Mapping for Irrigation Network Rehabilitation in Pulang Pisau District
  6. ▪ Output of Water Resources Project

  7. Construction No. Client/Company Location Year Description 1. PT Bumi Makmur

    Group varied 2018 Cut and Fill Calculations to Determine Housing Areas in Bogor, Kediri and Denpasar 2. PT Indra Karya Central Java 2020 Cross and Long Sections, Cut and Fill Calculations for 400 hectares of The Housing Development Project 3. PT Sinar Terang Group North Celebes 2020 Topographic Mapping for Land Boundary Measurement 4. PT Beltindo Mulia Kencana West Java 2020 Topographical Mapping for Factory Development Plan 5. PT Jakpro Jakarta 2020 Topographic Mapping for the Revitalization of the Manggarai Station Pedestrian Area 6. PT Sampoerna Strategic Central Java 2021 Topographic Mapping of the Sampoerna Strategic Square Development Area
  8. ▪ Output of Construction Project

  9. No. Client/Company Location Year Description 1 Salim Group North Maluku

    2021 Measurement of Mining Business Permit (IUP) Boundary 2 PT Adidaya Tangguh North Maluku 3 PT Timah Investasi Mineral Belitung 2020 4 PT Bumi Hero Perkasa Belitung 5 Sriyudi Group Belitung 6 PT Dua Karya Sukses Belitung 7 PT Arutmin Indonesia South Kalimantan 8 PT Barasentosa Lestari South Sumatera 2019 9 PT Persada Makmur Sejahtera Central Kalimantan 10 PT Surya Kalimantan Sejati Central Kalimantan 11 PT Yastra Eenergy Central Kalimantan 12 PT Bella Kencana North Maluku 13 PT Rimba Kurnia Alam North Maluku 14 PT Wanatiara Persada North Maluku 15 PT Arutmin Indonesia South Kalimantan 16 PT Kimia Farma East Java 17 PT Timah Investasi Utama Bangka Belitung 18 PT Bara Prima Pratama Riau 19 PT Alfara Delta Persada East Kalimantan 20 PT Archi Mining (PT Tambang Tondano Nusajaya) North Celebes 21 PT Mineral Trobos North Maluku 22 PT Sumber Swarna Pratama North Morowali 23 PT Semen Indonesia East Java 24 PT Holcim Indonesia East Java 25 CV Armando Teknik Utama East Jawa MINING Topograhic Mapping
  10. ▪ Output of Mining Topographic Project

  11. Riska Aprilia Kuswati 23, Zebra Street, Cilacap, Central Java Indonesia

    Mobile: +6281519637233 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/riska-aprilia-kuswati/ Email: riskaapriliakuswati12@gmail.com