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How to Build a Billion Dollar Company

Kevin Hale
March 14, 2015

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company

Kevin Hale

March 14, 2015

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  1. How to Build a Billion 
 Dollar Company

  2. @ilikevests @justinkan

  3. None
  4. Twice a year, we invest a small amount of money

    in a large number of startups.
  5. Since 2005, we’ve funded over 800 startups.

  6. Y Combinator is a community of over 
 1,400 founders.

  7. None
  8. Our companies have a combined valuation of over $30 Billion.

  9. 4 $1B+ companies 30+ $100M+ companies

  10. None
  11. None
  12. 5,000 Startups Apply ~2% Accepted

  13. The 3 most important things I work with startups on

    at YC.
  14. Clarity of Idea

  15. Demo Day

  16. 2:30 presentation 100 startups

  17. Group Office Hours

  18. Cofounders Investors Users Employees Shareholders

  19. Weekly Dinners

  20. Inverse Pyramid

  21. None
  22. What it is How it Works Where / When /

    Who Why Big Who (Founders)
  23. Lead with what. Not why.

  24. We are going to transform the relationship between individuals and

    information. X
  25. Information is the lifeblood of the modern organization. The ability

    to channel information quickly and efficiently to those who need it is critical to a company’s success. A company that achieves an edge in the efficient use of information X
  26. Dropbox synchronizes files across your/your team's computers.

  27. Conversational No Jargon No Preamble Concise

  28. Don’t sell us. We’ll sell ourselves.

  29. A clear idea is the foundation for growth.

  30. None
  31. Focus On Numbers

  32. Small Business vs Startup

  33. Power Law

  34. No room and board. No office space.

  35. Focus

  36. Build stuff. Talk to users.

  37. Office Hours

  38. Make 1 Number Grow 10% weekly

  39. Think Acceleration Not Velocity

  40. It’s so easy to lie to ourselves.

  41. Example

  42. None
  43. Some notes on investor updates.

  44. Numbers : Words Do not have a high ratio of

    words to numbers.
  45. How much in bank? What is revenue? How fast revenue

    growing? How much spending? How much runway left?
  46. http:/ /growth.tlb.org

  47. Once we know the number, the next question to work

    on is how big it can get?
  48. Big Vision

  49. Here’s a secret.

  50. I pretty much like everyone’s idea.

  51. We can only predict one thing.

  52. So I take ideas 
 to extremes.

  53. Speakers

  54. Startup School

  55. You have to say no many times to get to

    a billion.
  56. Example

  57. Clarity of Idea Focus on Numbers Big Vision

  58. @ilikevests @justinkan

  59. None