Sandra Warmbrunn (@sandrag)

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Uwe Friedrichsen


Did a lot. Seen a lot. Usually related to IT. Some things pleasant, some not so much ... older slide decks can be fou...

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Oliver Milke


• dev at heart
• involved in 4Kids, co-orga of JUG Ostfalen, co-founder @ithubbs
• gym aficionado and free athlete,...

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Eberhard Wolff


Eberhard Wolff has 20+ years of experience as an architect and consultant - often on the intersection of business and...

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Michael Plöd


Fellow at INNOQ

Speaker at national and international conferences

Based in Nürnberg, Germany

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Oliver Drotbohm


Oliver Drotbohm is a member of the Spring engineering team at VMware. His work focused on software architecture, DDD,...

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