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Services taste better in small disposable cups

Services taste better in small disposable cups

Let's review the micro-services architecture consisting of a particular way of designing systems as suites of independently deployable services. Aiming to allow us to have lower code coupling, to deploy fearlessly, change code easier and move forward faster.

Presented at: Nickel City Ruby 2014


Sebastian Sogamoso

October 03, 2014


  1. Services in small taste better disposable cups

  2. @sebasoga Sebastián Sogamoso

  3. None
  4. None
  5. Burroteca

  6. None
  7. Donkey Discoteque +

  8. None
  9. Chiva

  10. None
  11. None
  12. Chivateca

  13. None
  14. None
  15. None
  16. Too much going on

  17. Feels dangerous

  18. The monolithic application

  19. Monolithic Big coupled monstrosity ≠

  20. Bad OO design = Big coupled monstrosity

  21. “If you can’t build a structured monolith, what makes you

    think micro-services is the answer!?” ! Simon Brown
  22. The boundary problem

  23. Package Cohesion Principles

  24. 1 The Common Closure Principle

  25. 2 The Common Reuse Principle

  26. Existing packages or modules

  27. Logical divisions within the problem domain

  28. “Perfect is enemy of good” Don’t be afraid to iterate

  29. Never share AR models

  30. Share through services not libraries

  31. Avoid Conway’s Law

  32. The key property of a component is the notion of

    independent replacement and upgradeability
  33. Services

  34. Macro Big Small Micro Nano Medium

  35. Services in small taste better disposable cups

  36. MicroServices

  37. “The term ‘Microservice Architecture’ has sprung up over the last

    few years to describe a particular way of designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services.” ! Folwer, Lewis
  38. Multiple languages

  39. Isolate code bases

  40. Boundaries for bad design

  41. Services that easy to replace

  42. Really hard to create coupling

  43. Act as Unix programs

  44. Pitfalls

  45. Deployment automation

  46. Degradation issues

  47. Interservice communication

  48. Log files from many micro-services

  49. Route individual call across different micro-services for troubleshooting

  50. When?

  51. “Human Cognitive Mass” (HCM) Evan Phoenix

  52. “No single app can be larger than HCM threshold. Every

    app that crosses it will have to be broken up”
  53. “Every sufficiently complex domain will require an app larger than

  54. Rapid provisioning Basic monitoring Rapid deployment

  55. RECAP

  56. Micro-services won’t save you from poor object oriented design

  57. Forces components to be decoupled

  58. Allows components to be deployed independently and to easily replace

  59. Use different programming languages

  60. Is not a free lunch, comes with a big operational

  61. Adopt it when the benefits outweigh the cost

  62. Thanks! @sebasoga

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