Schema liberation with JSON and plv8 (and Postgres)

Schema liberation with JSON and plv8 (and Postgres)

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A few more details:

JSON is the lingua franca of the web. Postgres supports JSON natively and the PLV8 Javascript engine as an extension. Full Javascript is supported inside the database, including direct access to tables and important database features.

And, developer-friendly features make it incredibly easy to transform your existing, normalized schemas into liberated JSON ones!

Tour what putting a document store inside of Postgres looks like, including a look at a production use-case from Mozilla. is backed by a 2 TB Postgres database cluster that's adding about about 5 GB of JSON per week.

All photos of birds were taken in the Amelia Island, FL area during the JSConf Family Reunion in May 2013.

Birds represented:
Baby Snowy Egrets
Great Egret
Yellow throated warbler
Tri-colored Heron
Laughing gull
Roseate spoonbill (endangered)
Black skimmer
Roseate spoonbill flock
Great Egret
Baby great egrets
Crocodile (not a bird)
Wood stork (endangered)
Eggs (we think from a snowy egret)
Green Heron


Selena Deckelmann

May 31, 2013