STEP BY STEP↑↑ - Okio & OkHttp

1ba8f158fc222ccb7a0fca0981059c3f?s=47 Shohei Kawano
February 17, 2018

STEP BY STEP↑↑ - Okio & OkHttp

At DroidKaigi Reject Conference, I have talked about Okio, specifically the internal implementation of Okio, with @stsn_jp talking about the internal implementation of OkHttp. To describe it (maybe too) simply, Okio is a library for I/O and OkHttp is a library for HTTP+HTTP/2 client.

Both libraries are for Java and Android and applications, and both are the ones of the most famous libraries, especially in Android development.

* square/okio: A modern I/O API for Java

* square/okhttp: An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.

* Droidcon Montreal Jake Wharton - A Few Ok Libraries - YouTube

* DroidKaigi 2018 Reject Conference - connpass


Shohei Kawano

February 17, 2018