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A reasonable overview of Java 9 [Devoxx PL`2017]

by Oleg Šelajev

Published June 22, 2017 in Programming

The upcoming Java 9 release brings with it modularity, a new REPL, a new default garbage collector, HTTP 2 client, and much more. However, project Jigsaw requires so much of developer's attention that it's hard to see the true value of the upcoming release.

In this session we'll look at the features of Java 9 that developers not architects will face the most: welcome additions to the API: Optional, Date and Time, Stack walker, process management, collection literals (just kidding, they are factories of course), performance improvements, where to find the Unsafe and how to treat it after all. Is JShell a real tool or a toy to run fun one-liners?

Should you rush to migrate to Java 9, as you did with the Java 8 and those sweet lambdas? Are multi-release jars nice or a point of pain?

In this session we'll try to answer whether it is all worth it and how could you proceed with it.