The Good Cop/Bad Cop Guide to Java 9 [JavaOne`17]

The Good Cop/Bad Cop Guide to Java 9 [JavaOne`17]

The Java 9 release brings with it modularity, a new REPL, a new default garbage collector, an HTTP 2 client, multiversion JARs, API updates, and much more. This session looks at which features really benefit Java developers, with interactive demos. The two speakers take turns playing good cop/bad cop on each feature, and you can vote on which features are important to you. The energetic session cuts through the hype to outline how Java 9 will realistically affect the everyday pragmatic developer. You’ll learn what’s in the Java 9 release and how you can benefit from what’s new in Java.

Simon Maple,
Oleg Shelajev


Oleg Šelajev

October 04, 2017