Monads with Java 8 [JavaLand`16]

Monads with Java 8 [JavaLand`16]

This code-heavy session demystifies what monads are and outlines reasons why you would even want to introduce them into your code. We’ll take a look at the traditional definition for monads and offer a corresponding type definition in Java. We’ve selected a sample Java 8 implementation of a ‘Promise’ monad, which represents the result of async computation to help us answer practical questions about monads. Also, we'll go over the Laws of Monads and show that you can have a proper monad in Java, if you are brave enough to allow the underlying platform change the rules a bit. PS. You won’t be penalised or ridiculed during this session for your (lack of) Haskell knowledge!


Oleg Šelajev

March 09, 2016