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Data Science Course

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October 05, 2021

Data Science Course

"Skillslash – not just another data science institute.
We not only provides multiple online data science certification courses but we also provide you an opportunity to learn by working in live projects under Industry experts. To fetch a job in Data Science field your skills matters more than just certification.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a college student or a professional, we help you grow in this field of data science through our courses on:
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for professional
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program for students
We believe in delivering the best, with all our trainers and instructor being data scientists with industry experience. They will provide you with an environment to learn few of the most industry-oriented tool like R, Python, Power BI, AWS, Hadoop, Scala, Hive, Tableau, SQL and many more.
We provide you 3yr subscription to program with belief that even after getting/transitioning job you will need to keep learning and upskilling yourself. Cherry on top is the BYOC (Build Your Own Course track) program. So, as per your experience and current job role, we counsel you for a track that can get you in the field of data science.
This program will give guidance to those who are looking to switch their domain by providing an experience in multiple domains like
Retail etc.
It doesn’t end here, Skillslash also prepares you for data science jobs through
Resume Building
Mock Interviews
Job Referrals
In the end of your training program, as many institutes provide you a completion certificate of their respective institute, but We will provide you project experience certificate from Industry experts along with our course completion certificate. Project certificate has found to be more valuable in career transition for professionals.
We are living in the world of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Zuckerberg, who have proven that skills have taken over the degree. Skillslash have decided to make you future ready, so step out of your comfort zone and Apply Now!



October 05, 2021


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  2. 1 2 3 SUB-TOPIC What Is Data Science? How Does

    Data Science Work? Data Science Uses
  3. What Is Data Science? A groundbreaking study in 2013 reported

    90% of the entirety of the world’s data has been created within the previous two years. Let that sink in. In just two years, we've collected and processed 9x the amount of information than the previous 92,000 years of humankind combined. And it isn’t slowing down. It’s projected we’ve already created 2.7 zettabytes of data, and by 2020, that number will balloon to an astounding 44 zettabytes.
  4. What Is Data Science? What do we do with all

    of this data? How do we make it useful to us? What are it's real-world applications? These questions are the domain of data science.
  5. How Does Data Science Work? Data science involves a plethora

    of disciplines and expertise areas to produce a holistic, thorough and refined look into raw data. Data scientists must be skilled in everything from data engineering, math, statistics, advanced computing and visualizations to be able to effectively sift through muddled masses of information and communicate only the most vital bits that will help drive innovation and efficiency.
  6. How Does Data Science Work? Data scientists also rely heavily

    on artificial intelligence, especially its subfields of machine learning and deep learning, to create models and make predictions using algorithms and other techniques.
  7. Data Science Uses Data science helps us achieve some major

    goals that either were not possible or required a great deal more time and energy just a few years ago, such as:
  8. Data Science Uses Anomaly detection (fraud, disease, crime, etc.) Automation

    and decision-making (background checks, credit worthiness, etc.) Classifications (in an email server, this could mean classifying emails as “important” or “junk”) Forecasting (sales, revenue and customer retention) Pattern detection (weather patterns, financial market patterns, etc.) WHAT CAN DATA SCIENCE BE USED FOR?
  9. Data Science Uses Recognition (facial, voice, text, etc.) Recommendations (based

    on learned preferences, recommendation engines can refer you to movies, restaurants and books you may like) Additionally, here are a few examples of how businesses are using data science to innovate in their sectors, create new products and make the world around them even more efficient.
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