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Data science courses in bangalore

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November 11, 2021

Data science courses in bangalore

"Skillslash – not just another data science institute.
We not only provides multiple online data science certification courses but we also provide you an opportunity to learn by working in live projects under Industry experts. To fetch a job in Data Science field your skills matters more than just certification.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a college student or a professional, we help you grow in this field of data science through our courses on:
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for professional
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program for students
We believe in delivering the best, with all our trainers and instructor being data scientists with industry experience. They will provide you with an environment to learn few of the most industry-oriented tool like R, Python, Power BI, AWS, Hadoop, Scala, Hive, Tableau, SQL and many more.
We provide you 3yr subscription to program with belief that even after getting/transitioning job you will need to keep learning and upskilling yourself. Cherry on top is the BYOC (Build Your Own Course track) program. So, as per your experience and current job role, we counsel you for a track that can get you in the field of data science.
This program will give guidance to those who are looking to switch their domain by providing an experience in multiple domains like
Retail etc.
It doesn’t end here, Skillslash also prepares you for data science jobs through
Resume Building
Mock Interviews
Job Referrals
In the end of your training program, as many institutes provide you a completion certificate of their respective institute, but We will provide you project experience certificate from Industry experts along with our course completion certificate. Project certificate has found to be more valuable in career transition for professionals.
We are living in the world of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Zuckerberg, who have proven that skills have taken over the degree. Skillslash have decided to make you future ready, so step out of your comfort zone and Apply Now!



November 11, 2021


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  2. SUB-TOPIC Data Science Uses

  3. Data Science Uses Healthcare Data science has led to a

    number of breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. With a vast network of data now available via everything from EMRs to clinical databases to personal fitness trackers, medical professionals are finding new ways to understand disease, practice preventive medicine, diagnose diseases faster and explore new treatment options.
  4. Data Science Uses Self-Driving Cars Tesla, Ford and Volkswagen are

    all implementing predictive analytics in their new wave of autonomous vehicles. These cars use thousands of tiny cameras and sensors to relay information in real-time. Using machine learning, predictive analytics and data science, self-driving cars can adjust to speed limits, avoid dangerous lane changes and even take passengers on the quickest route.
  5. Data Science Uses Logistics UPS turns to data science to

    maximize efficiency, both internally and along its delivery routes. The company’s On-road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) tool uses data science-backed statistical modeling and algorithms that create optimal routes for delivery drivers based on weather, traffic, construction, etc. It’s estimated that data science is saving the logistics company up to 39 million gallons of fuel and more than 100 million delivery miles each year.
  6. Data Science Uses Entertainment Do you ever wonder how Spotify

    just seems to recommend that perfect song you're in the mood for? Or how Netflix knows just what shows you’ll love to binge? Using data science, the music streaming giant can carefully curate lists of songs based on the music genre or band you’re currently into. Really into cooking lately? Netflix’s data aggregator will recognize your need for culinary inspiration and recommend pertinent shows from its vast collection.
  7. Data Science Uses Finance Machine learning and data science have

    saved the financial industry millions of dollars, and unquantifiable amounts of time. For example, JP Morgan’s Contract Intelligence (COiN) platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process and extract vital data from about 12,000 commercial credit agreements a year. Thanks to data science, what would take around 360,000 manual labor hours to complete is now finished in a few hours. Additionally, fintech companies like Stripe and Paypal are investing heavily in data science to create machine learning tools that quickly detect and prevent fraudulent activities.
  8. Data Science Uses Cybersecurity Data science is useful in every

    industry, but it may be the most important in cybersecurity. International cybersecurity firm Kaspersky is using data science and machine learning to detect over 360,000 new samples of malware on a daily basis. Being able to instantaneously detect and learn new methods of cybercrime, through data science, is essential to our safety and security in the future.
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