Rapid Web Development with Mezzanine

Rapid Web Development with Mezzanine

The modern world of Python web development is chock-full of choices today - do we use a micro or a monolithic framework? Do we use a CMS or roll our own? Mezzanine is one project that aims to simplify these questions with a compelling offering for developing Python powered websites.

In this talk, Stephen McDonald the creator of Mezzanine will walk through the history of Mezzanine, covering the constraints that have dictated its design, its approach to providing simple yet flexible, rapid web development, through to the software eco-system and community that have developed around it.


Stephen McDonald

May 18, 2014


  1. PyCon APAC Taiwan, Keynote, May 18, 2014 By Stephen McDonald

  2. mathspace.co kou.io

  3. > CMS Site

  4. Why another CMS?

  5. None
  6. < >

  7. Wordpress?

  8. Wordpress?

  9. bit.ly/MezzBegins

  10. You make different things if you focus on constraints instead

    of requirements @b6n
  11. Who is the architect?

  12. Mezzanine is just Django @kenbolton

  13. Mezzanine is: - Constraints - Simplicity - Just Django

  14. bit.ly/MezzLego

  15. class RichTextPage(Page): pass class Form(Page): pass class Gallery(Page): pass

  16. class RichTextPage(Page): pass class Form(Page): pass class Gallery(Page): pass >

    richtextpage.html > form.html > gallery.html
  17. None
  18. Batteries Included

  19. Batteries Included: - Keywords, ratings, threaded comments - User editable

    settings - Search - Accounts, registration, profiles - Multi-tenancy - Image thumbnailing - Caching - Bootstrap + live editing - Deploy tooling
  20. Extra Batteries: - Ecommerce: cartridge.jupo.org - Forum: drum.jupo.org - Themes:

    mezzathe.me ~ 70 Packages: bit.ly/MezzPackages
  21. Mezzanine is: - Simple - Opinionated - Batteries Included -

    Just Django
  22. mezzanineCMS.com