End-To-End Testing Considered Harmful

622051376c3b381ef1c786036011112d?s=47 Steve Smith
September 28, 2016

End-To-End Testing Considered Harmful

End-To-End Testing - using a large number of end-to-end tests to test a service and its unowned dependent services together - remains the norm in IT, especially in large enterprise organisations. But what if you could demonstrate its impact upon Continuous Delivery, debunk its perceived benefits, and replace it with a viable alternative?

End-To-End Testing may appear to offer a lot of test coverage for relatively little effort, but it invariably results in long lead times and astronomical maintenance costs. It is a significant impediment to Continuous Delivery, and if an organisation is to reduce its time to market a Continuous Testing portfolio emphasising fast, reliable test feedback is required.

In this talk Steve Smith will describe how End-To-End Testing has hindered Continuous Delivery adoption on a large scale UK Government project, why End-To-End Testing often seems like a good idea but ends up as a bad idea, and how to establish a Continuous Testing portfolio including techniques such as contract testing, smoke testing, and production monitoring.


Steve Smith

September 28, 2016