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The Role of Culture in International SEO

The Role of Culture in International SEO

In this deck, I go through the notion of culture and its importance in international and multilingual SEO. Also, I explain the role of SEO in aligning with cultural values, helping avoid stereotypes and inequalities, and the considerations to put in place when going international.

Slides presented at International Search Summit Barcelona - November 2022

Veruska Anconitano

November 21, 2022

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  1. Barcelona International Search Summit Veruska Anconitano Multilingual SEO and Localization

    Consultant Why cultural relevancy is key to success in international SEO
  2. Hello, This Is Me Sociology Sociolinguistics Semiotic Data Science NLP/SFL

    @lacuochina #IntSS
  3. What Is Culture? @lacuochina #IntSS

  4. Definition of culture Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of

    knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and explicit/implicit patterns acquired by a group of people in the course of generations through individual and group striving. @lacuochina #IntSS
  5. Layers of Culture The national level The regional level The

    gender level The generation level The social class level @lacuochina #IntSS
  6. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory @lacuochina #IntSS

  7. Erin Meyers’ Culture Map @lacuochina #IntSS

  8. Cultural Identities @lacuochina #IntSS

  9. Cultural Identities’ Levels Implicit Explicit Refused @lacuochina #IntSS

  10. Individual Cultural Identities @lacuochina #IntSS Individual Ethnicity Nationality Social Class

    Traditions Values Unique Identity
  11. Collective Cultural Identities @lacuochina #IntSS

  12. What Does This Mean In International SEO? @lacuochina #IntSS

  13. To win an international target, you need to understand their

    needs and motivations from a cultural perspective and address them in your approach! @lacuochina #IntSS
  14. Social Inequality Villa Villino Casa di campagna Casa vacanza @lacuochina

    #IntSS Villa
  15. Stereotypes Lawyer Un avocat Une avocate @lacuochina #IntSS

  16. Local Habits Snack @lacuochina #IntSS Merienda Bocado Tentempié Piscolabis Refrigerio

  17. Local Traditions Dance @lacuochina #IntSS Carinosa Itik-Itik Pandanggo sa Ilaw

    Sayaw sa Bangko Maglalatik
  18. Societal Rules You @lacuochina #IntSS 貴殿 あなた 君 お前 Kiden

    – Very formal Anata – Formal Kimi – Informal Omae –Very informal
  19. Political Issues Hamsters @lacuochina #IntSS Хомячки (Khomyachki) is an insult

    typically directed at Russian oppositionist bloggers.
  20. Semantics & Society @lacuochina #IntSS 효 (hyo) à Cultural concepts

    of children’s devotion towards their parents 효자 (hyoja) à Devoted son 효녀 (hyonyeo) à Devoted daughter
  21. Specific Local Cultural References "Nobody beats me, because I'm the

    Wiz! I'm the Wiz!" "That is the guy!" "Elaine's in love with the Wiz guy?" —Jerry and George, Seinfeld “The Junk Mail” Episode @lacuochina #IntSS
  22. 3 Actionable Tips @lacuochina #IntSS

  23. Ban Google Translate Translate with Gtranslate 1 Check volumes 2

    Local Check 3 @lacuochina #IntSS
  24. Ban Google Translate Local Specialists 1 Implementation 2 Measurement 3

    @lacuochina #IntSS
  25. Don’t Be a Copycat - Be Yourself @lacuochina #IntSS Do

    You Really Want to Outsell Your Competition Based on their USP?
  26. Measure F*cking Everything @lacuochina #IntSS Surveys Focus Groups Heatmaps Feedbacks

  27. Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but

    rather cultural diversity brings a strength that can benefit all of humanity - Robert Allen @lacuochina #IntSS
  28. www.anconitano.com in/veruska-anconitano/ @lacuochina