Speaker Deck

Class 5 Saturday

by Walt Ribeiro

Published October 8, 2017

Slide 2

- Sign into noteflight.com and input the first page here

Slide 3

- Dotted notes add half of the value to itself. I understand it's difficult, but rest assured that there are only 4 rhythms to memorize.

Slide 4

Notice how the MIDI notes and the sheet music notes line up. This should help you "see" the duration of the notes

Slide 5

- When learning shortcuts, these are the modifier keys. They'll save you a ton of time (AKA money)

Slide 6

See slide 5

Slide 7

Here's an easier version of the Circle of Fifths. When we get into learning chord progressions then we'll have to refer to this.

Slide 8

The order of sharps and flats relate to the key signature. Example: if a song is in the Key of A, then we use the Circle of Fifths in Slide 7 to see that A has 3 #'s. What are the 3 sharps in A? They're F#, C#, and G#.

The order of sharps and flats tells us which sharps or flats are in which key signatures.