CRM for Credit Unions

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September 12, 2017

CRM for Credit Unions

In this webinar, we covered the top 5 ways that Sugar provides credit union functionality including:

- 360-Degree View of Your Members
- Householding
- Product Cross-Selling
- Referrals
- Core Platform Integration



September 12, 2017


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    CRM for Credit Unions
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    Top 5 Ways Sugar Integrates with Credit Unions ⁃ Where Does CRM Fit? ⁃ Product Availability and Interest Tracking ⁃ Incentive Approval Management ⁃ Referrals ⁃ Interaction Management • Q&A
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    SugarCRM #1 Worldwide Partner • Focus on CRM and Marketing Automation since 1996 • 1,000 CRM Deployments over 20 years • Concentration on small and mid-size organizations About W-Systems
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    Sugar at the core of all your credit union applications including: • One platform, all required information • Contextual dashboards to surface relevant information • Business process automation (ex. New Customer Onboarding) • View of marketing initiatives and interactions • Drive connections based on workflow logic • Allow users to control the CRM interface based on their role
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    • Surface pertinent information, sell proactively and avoid surprises. • Know your members inside and out with interaction management across the extended customer team. • Quickly understand what matters to your key contacts and when to engage with smarter account intelligence based on cross-channel activity. • Service the member, not the transaction. • SugarCRM Hint allows you to access your member's social history in a single view.
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    Demo: Where Does CRM Fit?
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    With product availability and interest tracking in Sugar, you can present new products that are available based on the product profile of a customer in real time. Sugar extends the ability to track the interest in a product presented to the customer.
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    Demo: Product Availability and Interest Tracking
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    currently available for promotion Central portal to display personal or team progress of goals Current compensation earned inside of a period of time
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    Demo: Incentive Approval Management
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    the credit union to issue and track referrals between business units. • Distinct Dashboards and Alerts will notify the assigned business unit of the referral. • All referrals are tracked to ensure sure that the assigned Business Unit has received the referral. • This allows increased communication between departments by over 20%. More Referrals = More Money.
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    Demo: Referral
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    activity) Specific questions: • Who was the last person you spoke with? • Who was the last person that had contact with this customer? • What is the next step in follow-up? • Are there any open issues?
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    Demo: Interaction Management
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