Eliminate Data Silos with Sugar Integrate

Eliminate Data Silos with Sugar Integrate

Watch our webinar with Matt Marum, Director of ISV Alliances and Rod Martinez, Product Marketing Manager at SugarCRM, to learn how Sugar Integrate enables your business to integrate customer experience (CX) processes and data with business applications.



July 22, 2020


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    Eliminate Data Silos with Sugar Integrate July 21, 2020 Sugar User Group
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    w-systems.com Presenters Rod Martinez SugarCRM rmartinez @sugarcrm.com Matt Marum SugarCRM mmarum @sugarcrm.com
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    User Group Webinar • W-Systems Sugar Release Roundup • SugarCRM and W-Systems Announcements • Feature Topic – Sugar Integrate • Q&A
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    User Group Meeting May 2020: Automatic, Predictive Revenue Insight with Sugar Discover • Recap of Last User Group Webinar • W-Systems Sugar Release Roundup • Feature Topic – Automatic, Predictive Revenue Insight with Sugar Discover Link to Blog Post Link to Webinar Archive
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    Sugar Sell • Purchases and Purchased Line Items Sugar Serve • Shifts and Round Robin by Availability Sugar Professional/Enterprise • Record View dashlet improvements and more. Release Notes: • Sugar Q3 2020 • Sugar Sell Q3 2020 • Sugar Serve Q3 2020
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    2020) Coming Soon — Stay Tuned!
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    Sugar Mobile 22.0 includes the following new features and enhancements: • Mapping app options • Tappable line items in quotes Release Notes: • Sugar Mobile 21.0 for iOS and Android, SDK 21.0 • Sugar Mobile 22.0 for iOS and Android, SDK 22.0
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    The latest Sugar Market release includes the option to rescore individual contact scoring profiles and a new version of the Sugar Market to SugarCRM Connector for Sugar 10.1. Release Notes: • Sugar Market 13.29
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    Document Automation • The Send Document as Attachment action now works while previewing records from a Drillthrough dashlet. wDrive – Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive in Sugar • Support for OneDrive Business accounts. wTools – Custom Sugar Enhancements & Integrations • Custom Buttons now enables users to automatically create records without the Sugar drawer opening. Release Notes: • wDocs Update for May 2020 • wDrive Update for June 2020 • wTools Updates for May 2020 and June 2020
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    Sugar Integrate
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Your Business Runs Through Integrations

    • Modern businesses runs on 100s to 1000s of Apps • Number of APIs growing ~30x year but integration budgets do not • Average employee uses 30-40 apps daily
  12. 12 It’s time for a solution that lets you put

    time sensitive processes and no-touch user experience first Quickly Integrate applications that enhance the value to your Customer Experience Suite
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    face when attempting to unite and integrate company data? Source: The High Cost of Disconnected Data published by SnapLogic and conducted by Vanson Bourne Connecting CRM and marketing automation through an iPaaS can eliminate duplicate records and speed up data flows so sales or marketing follow up is timelier and more effective.
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    Avoid Knowing Only a Portion of the Customer • ERP for financial health and order history • Sales automation for forecast pipeline and renewal • Help desk for issues and incidents • Marketing automation has website visits, inquiry information, and event history • Social and news feeds for top-of mind issues of contact and company news • eCommerce has wish lists, shopping cart information, and shipping notes
  15. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com But The Customer is Constantly

    Changing SugarCRM is the only CX solution that provides all of these: • Real-time integration of key systems • Automated updates of critical customer information • Time-aware customer data that broadcasts actionable insights and next best actions • Reusable integration logic as IT landscape evolves
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    so is Sugar Integrate Planned REST Fi ERP Ma Hd Hc CRM Sugar Integrate Connect Adapters Transform Common Resources Orchestrate Procedures Extend Adapter Builder REST SOAP
  17. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Key Capabilities of Sugar Integrate

    Data optimized to business needs Normalized View of Data Objects COMMON RESOURCES Faster Integration Delivery Pre-built API connection resource ADAPTERS Quickly Build New Adapters Quickly extend public Adapters or build new ones ADAPTER BUILDER Business Process Automation Build reusable and powerful event-based workflows PROCEDURES Accelerated time to value Leverage best practice flows PRE-BUILT TEMPLATES Efficiently Transfer Bulk Data Quickly move data to new solutions DATA LOADER
  18. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Adapters Less Work in Keeping

    Up With Changes • Pre-built connection to a 3rd party application • Normalizes and enhances the native API • All 200+ Adapters in the public catalog are versioned and maintained by Sugar • More Adapters added every single quarter
  19. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Adapter Builder Quickly add new

    features or new Apps • Quickly extend public adapters or build new ones • Build an Adapter, that works the same way regardless of underlying API type (SOAP, REST, etc..) • Adapt the limitations or complexities of the native API endpoint to your needs
  20. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Common Resources Structured Data for

    Your Business • Normalized view of data objects via data mappings and transformations • Creates a consistent view of data across multiple apps • Effectively eliminates need for point-to-point mapping • Critical for interoperability
  21. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Procedures Low-code Visual Configuration •

    Defines the integration process • Move data from Sugar to any other application (and vice-versa) consistently • A developer tool, best suited for reusability • Easy to deploy or embed via APIs • Multi-Tenanted and auto-scaling for all your customers • Event-driven triggers
  22. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Pre-Built Templates Accelerate Time to

    Value • Dramatically improve productivity with business process templates • Get a head start on common integration patterns • Easily customize for more complex use cases/requirements • Ensure SugarCRM approved best practices are built into all integrations
  23. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Pre-Built Templates CRM Data Migrator

    for Sales 1.0 • Salesforce Sales Cloud Opportunity To Cash Template 1.0 • Quickbooks Online
  24. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Data Loader Simplified Migrations to

    New Solutions • Provides a frictionless way to get off old solutions • No longer worry about losing data when moving to a new solution • Supports over a dozen of source CRM systems
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    Enterprise • Sugar Sell • Sugar Serve • Sugar Market – Coming • Ground2Cloud supports our on-prem customers Supported Solutions
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    - CX-focused Integrations Highly Complex – Legacy Infrastructure Microsoft Power Automate One-off Custom integrations
  27. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Integrate Benefits • Supports real-time

    integrations that reduce data lag and automate inter-system processes • Deploy reusable and interchangeable integrations faster and at a lower total cost • True Customer 360 is now possible from one vendor (“one throat to choke”) • Best-in-class support for Sugar products and upgrade safe
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    Manager or reach out to us to discuss more about Sugar Integrate or any of the topics covered in this webinar. Email: sales@w-systems.com
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