Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine

Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine

In this webinar, we showcased your options for Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine and we also reviewed the new wMobile Phone User Interface (UI), designed to improved visibility and usability. The new Phone UI includes a new navigation bar, an improved Contact view, and a cleaner, more modern look.



June 17, 2020


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    Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine wMobile User Group
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    Resources • Features and Fixes in wMobile • Focus Topic: Email Archiving with wMobile for GoldMine • Roadmap • Open Q&A
  3. © W-Systems Corp. | Existing Resources • Server requirements

    - ending support for Windows Server 2008 soon! • wMobile for GoldMine Resources - customers must have current wMobile maintenance to update wMobile. • Latest Blog Articles, Training & Events, and Recent Releases • Support ⁃ Support link in web page header provides options to submit with form or via portal Navigate through Menu → Software - GoldMine CRM → wMobile for GoldMine or use the link below:
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    the support form on the website, using the Support button in the upper right header of our web pages. Login into our support portal and create a case. Please let us know if you’d like to submit support cases through the portal and we can provide credentials to log in. Contact us at
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    wMobile Product Page • Included in newsletter • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release • You must be on maintenance to update.
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    wMobile User Group – Quarterly • wMobile Newsletter – Monthly • wMobile Blog Posts – New content monthly
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    wMobile (General) • Update prompt on opening wMobile Manager Console or wDiagnostic will provide link to download the current version. • Updated installer warning when wMobile SQL tables are detected • Email fixes
  8. © W-Systems Corp. | Updating/Upgrading wMobile When admins log

    into the wMobile Manager Console or run the wDiagnostic, a check is performed. A notification appears if a new version of wMobile is available. This is now true even if they are running an older version of wMobile such as 3.x or 4.x. Admins can follow the update link in the wMobile Manager Console or the wDiagnostic, or they can use the server desktop shortcut to download the new version. Exception: Any customers on wMobile 4.0 will need to download the installer directly from the wMobile website.
  9. © W-Systems Corp. | wMobile 4.1 and 5.1 wMobile

    5.1 requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above. This can be installed on Windows Server 2008 SP1/SP2 or above. If you are still on Windows Server 2008 R2, you’ll need to stick with wMobile until you can update the server operating system. Both installers are still available on the wMobile website. Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2008 R2 in January 2020. wMobile plans to discontinue support for wMobile 4.1 by August, so please plan to update soon! windows-server-2008-r2
  10. © W-Systems Corp. | Updated Installer Warning If wMobile

    SQL tables are detected on installation, the text has been updated. Only older versions of wMobile such as 1.x or 2.x are not compatible with wMobile 5.0. It’s ok to preserve these tables if you’re migrating from a relatively recent version of wMobile.
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | Workaround for GoldMine Email Issue

    Emails sent from GoldMine 2018.x and above are encoded using the 'quoted-printable' transfer encoding specified in the email header. However the email body is not stored or formatted using this encoding in the GoldMine database. Some wMobile customers found email text not rendered completely in wMobile due to this protocol discrepancy. The fix to address this bug applies only to emails sent from GoldMine. wMobile now checks if the email contains the 'quoted-printable' header and replaces it with the correct header.
  12. © W-Systems Corp. | Additional Email Fixes • Disallow

    linking of email with blank FROM address • Incoming email containing comma in Display Name breaks Reply/ReplyAll/Forward commands by dividing the recipient in two invalid ones • Email Meeting Request improvements
  13. © W-Systems Corp. | Highlights of What’s New in

    wMobile Phone • New and modern User Interface (UI) for wMobile Phone! The interface has been updated for better visibility and usability. • Projects added to Contact Record View
  14. © W-Systems Corp. | First Login to wMobile Phone

    When a wMobile user first logs into wMobile Phone after upgrading to wMobile 5.1, they’ll be notified of the new User Interface. This information can be accessed again from the About link on the user menu for reference.
  15. © W-Systems Corp. | New Home Menu The new

    Home menu is cleaner and easier to read.
  16. © W-Systems Corp. | Search Tap on the magnifying

    glass icon to search for Contacts or Companies.
  17. © W-Systems Corp. | User Menu Use the person

    icon in the upper right to access user Preferences, Bookmark Settings, recently viewed Contacts, Logout, and About options.
  18. © W-Systems Corp. | My Preferences Preferences includes the

    familiar settings for Personal Information, Regional Settings, Calendar Options, Email Setup, One Click Login set up etc. New Font Size and Display Density settings can be used to adapt the display to your mobile device screen size. The Display Density choices are Compact, Default, and Large. List Page Size controls the number of items that appear on lists, such as when searching for Contacts.
  19. © W-Systems Corp. | Side Menu Options • Side

    Menu Options include the menu style - Class and Modern. • Brightness can be adjusted to user preference in the Modern style. • Bookmark Settings. • The number of recently viewed contacts can be selected. • The name format for showing recently viewed Contacts can be selected. Choices include ⁃ Contact ⁃ Company ⁃ Contact, Company ⁃ Company, Contact
  20. © W-Systems Corp. | Bookmark Settings • Bookmarks can

    be added for wMobile pages or frequently used web pages. • Bookmarks can be edited using the pencil icon, to edit, remove, or update the order.
  21. © W-Systems Corp. | Navigation Buttons Navigation buttons include

    Back and Home buttons.
  22. © W-Systems Corp. | Contact View Update • The

    Details tab includes summary information such as you’d typically see on the top of the GoldMine screen. • The Linked tab shows linked information such as Contacts, Pending, History, Opportunities, etc. • Notice the navigation options at the top of the page even when viewing contact records.
  23. © W-Systems Corp. | Calendar View • Updated Month

    View layout makes it easy to view activities, navigate, add activities. • Calendar icon in the top left will navigate to today. • A new setting was added for default activity duration. If you typically schedule activities for 30 minutes, then set the default activity duration for 30 minutes.
  24. © W-Systems Corp. | Projects Added to Contact Record

    View This was originally added in wMobile on the Contacts Detail View. Now with the new UI, it’s on the Linked tab.
  25. © W-Systems Corp. | wMobile Online Guide Updates in

    Progress We’re working on updating all the screenshots in the wMobile Phone topics in the Online Guide. We hope to have that available in the coming weeks.
  26. © W-Systems Corp. | What’s New in wMobile Desktop

    • Recap of New User Interface • Project Metric Dashboards • Support for Images in wMobile Desktop Email Signatures
  27. © W-Systems Corp. | Recap of New User Interface

    New features: • New streamlined layout with easy to press buttons on tablets and iPads • Recently viewed pages in wMobile • New user options menu ⁃ Users Options (preferences) ∙ Main Menu Configurator ⁃ Setup One Click Login
  28. © W-Systems Corp. | Project Metrics Dashboard

  29. © W-Systems Corp. | Support for Images in Email

    Signatures Access email settings in the Email Center. Use the Edit option next to the email account. Use the picture icon to insert an image into a signature file.
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    Feature Topic: Email Archiving with wMobile
  31. © W-Systems Corp. | Feature Topic – Email Archiving

    with wMobile The topic that won our last poll is ‘Email Archiving with wMobile.’ We all know how much business we conduct via email! All emails sent using wMobile are automatically archived to GoldMine/wMobile History. Likewise, emails received using wMobile can be filed and stored in GoldMine History. However, some companies have a different company standard for email, or use multiple email platforms. The wMobile Email Fetcher Service offers additional options to archive email even when it’s sent from other email clients such as Outlook, MacMail, web portals, native email clients on mobile phones, etc. Once email accounts are configured, email can be copied into GoldMine and archived to contact History based on matching email address.
  32. © W-Systems Corp. | Email Archiving Configuration Email Archiving

    can be configured by wMobile End Users in the Email Account settings in wMobile Phone and Desktop. Select Auto File to archive a specific folder.
  33. © W-Systems Corp. | Archiving Using wMobile Manager Console

    An admin can set up email archiving for users in the wMobile Manager Console. Navigate to Email Fetcher > Email Accounts in the wMobile Manager Console Explorer pane. Double-click on an account or highlight it and select Edit in the Actions pane on the right.
  34. © W-Systems Corp. | Email Settings The email settings

    will be displayed, including the Auto File Start Date. This can be set as needed, but we’ll touch on System Settings shortly that might need additional adjustment if you need to archive email over a long period of time.
  35. © W-Systems Corp. | POP3 Accounts With POP3 accounts,

    the Inbox Folder can be selected for auto-filing underneath the auto filing start date. POP3 is a simple email protocol used to download messages from the Inbox.
  36. © W-Systems Corp. | IMAP Accounts IMAP is a

    more flexible email protocol, which allows users to view folders online. Consequently, wMobile can provide specific folders for auto filing, such as the Inbox and Sent Mail folders, or other specific folder(s).
  37. © W-Systems Corp. | wMobile System Settings There are

    some wMobile System Settings that work with the auto file functionality. Open the System Settings in the wMobile Manager Console. Navigate to Configuration > Common > Email
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  39. © W-Systems Corp. | Email System Settings Used by

    the Email Fetcher Service Count Limit - The default number of emails is 1,000. But if you’re archiving a large quantity of email, this can be adjusted temporarily. Days Limit - The default is 30 days. If you’re archiving a larger period of time, this can be increased temporarily. This will work in conjunction with the Auto-File Start Date set in individual email accounts. If these settings are adjusted, it’s recommended to set these settings back to defaults once the large archiving job is completed. This will preserve resources on the server for normal email processing.
  40. © W-Systems Corp. | Email DeDuplication Service There is

    a possibility that users will file an email in GoldMine after it’s been archived with wMobile. So in cases where wMobile and GoldMine are both used, there is a de-duplication service that can be enabled to remove any duplicates based on a unique Mail ID. DDEnabled - Set to True to enable this service. DD Check Interval - by default the duplication service runs every 6 hours. DDTarget Period - controls how many days are evaluated. 30 days is the default.
  41. © W-Systems Corp. | Resources Configuring Email Accounts in

    wMobile Configuring Access to Email Attachments and Linked Documents Blog Post on Email Archiving
  42. © W-Systems Corp. | Poll Topics for Next wMobile

    User Group • Email Merge in wMobile Desktop • Document Merge in wMobile Desktop - Winning Topic • Using Email in wMobile Phone • Managing Forecasted Sales with the Opportunity Metric Dashboard
  43. © W-Systems Corp. | Roadmap • Updated wMobile Phone

    Topics in the Online Guide [July] • Support for OAuth Email Authentication [September] • Support for TLS Encrypted Database Connection [September]
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    wMobile User Group – Wednesday, November 18, 2020
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