GoldMine Showcase: QuickBooks Data Within GoldMine

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December 11, 2018

GoldMine Showcase: QuickBooks Data Within GoldMine

Do you struggle to manage customer and financial data in one place?
Why not provide your users with visibility of QuickBooks transactions right within GoldMine?

In this webinar, we showcased qbGold’s features and benefits, including:

- Linking your GoldMine CRM and QuickBooks Accounting
- Eliminating double entry of data through Linking Contacts or Vendors
- Automatically synchronized Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices & Purchase Orders/History
- Creating Sync Rules to build and maintain links between QuickBooks and GoldMine Record



December 11, 2018


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    GoldMine Showcase QuickBooks Integration for GoldMine
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    sarah@ Joanne Wilson The Trainer’s jwilson@ Anuj Shash The Trainer’s ashah@
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  4. © W-Systems Corp. | Who Are The Trainers? We

    currently oversee and support all CRM applications for The Trainer’s clients for the past 22+ years and have expert knowledge in website management, system networks, support, customization, dashboards, and SQL customization and system optimization. Our Team has implemented CRM systems for over two decades, and are able not only complete standard task like installations but also extend CRM through Custom Plugins and Development. Who The Trainers Are?
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  6. © W-Systems Corp. | Introduction to qbGold qbGold provides

    Goldmine Users with visibility of QuickBooks transactions like Purchase Orders for Vendors, Quotes, Sales Orders and even Invoices. It allows an authorized Administrator to add a Client Record from GoldMine to QuickBooks saving on duplication of data entry. qbGold synchronizes all records from QuickBooks to GoldMine manually or automatically. Set the Sync frequency that you need, every x minutes, hours, days, at a specified time or only during a set time period. 1 2 3
  7. © W-Systems Corp. | Introduction to qbGold The qbGold

    License must be activated with a valid license from The Trainer’s qbGold can be installed on a server, such as a terminal server or Citrix server. An Installer file will be provided by The Trainer’s and must be run as Administrator. qbGold is Installed on a Network Workstation or a Stand-Alone Laptop.
  8. © W-Systems Corp. | Quickbooks Integration QuickBooks Configuring Fields

    in Quickbooks GoldMine CRM Configuring a User and Fields in Goldmine
  9. © W-Systems Corp. | Synchronization Rules Create Your Own

    Rules Creating Rules are easy and a great way to control the way your contacts synchronize and link between GoldMine and QuickBooks. Link Quickbooks and GoldMine Records Use rules to build links between QuickBooks and GoldMine on the data you’ve already entered. You can create Multiple Rules Access to Quickbooks and GoldMine Fields While you build rules within qbGold you will have access to fields from within QuickBooks and GoldMine. An Example is Linking based on Email Address
  10. © W-Systems Corp. | Customer & Vendor Transactions Customer

    Synchronization From the settings window you can pick the mapping you need for Contact Fields, Summary Fields (v2) and Transactions. Vendor Synchronization Once you have identified how you identify a Customer and Vendor in GoldMine, you can modify what will sync from QB Vendors to GoldMine Transaction Synchronization Once Customers and Vendors have been setup, don’t forget to pick the transactions you want to sync into GoldMine. Sales Orders, Estimates, Purchase Orders and Invoices. More to come in v2
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | Synchronization Synchronization Frequency You control

    the frequency, each day at a specific time or every X Minutes, Hours, Days and even set to sync only between specific hours Automatic Synchronization With your Synchronization frequency set, now you can set it to sync in the background. Manual Sync Rather than relying on Automatic Synchronization, an authorized User can manually sync based on Sync Rules.
  12. © W-Systems Corp. | The Synchronization Process Sales Orders

    Sales Orders created within QuickBooks can be configured to synchronize to GoldMine’s History or Pending Tab along with Items. Estimates and Invoices Estimates and invoices created within Quickbooks once enabled will synchronize to GoldMine’s Pending and History Tab along with items. Purchase Orders Once enabled from within qbGold your QuickBooks Purchase Orders along with items will be synced into GoldMine’s History Tab.
  13. © W-Systems Corp. | Connection & Sync Statistics Connection

    Status Quickly and easily view the current connection status of both QuickBooks and GoldMine by viewing the status value in green. Record Statistics Keep track of Total Contacts, Vendors, Estimates, Sales Orders and even Linked Records between QuickBooks and GoldMine. Manually Update Statistics Statistics update once you open qBGold, but if you want to update the Stats before or after a sync then just press the Update Statistics button
  14. © W-Systems Corp. | Reviewing Contact Info in Quickbooks

    and GoldMine Shows Active Contact From Goldmine qbGold will change records as you change records from within GoldMine. Identify Discrepancies Discrepancies between QuickBooks information and GoldMine information is easy to spot in pink. Update as You Go Changes are easy to make by the Authorized Administrator by using the arrows.
  15. © W-Systems Corp. | Add Invoice, Scanning QB, Link

    All, and Sync Add Invoice When you select a customer from GoldMine and open qbGold and select the Add Invoice as well as the Blank checkbox, all contact information from GoldMine will be added to the invoice. Scan QB This button scans ONLY QuickBook records. Every time someone creates a new record directly into QuickBooks, the Scan Button speeds up the linking of records between GoldMine and QuickBooks. Link All This button links all existing records between GoldMine and QuickBooks. Only records that are already in QuickBooks will be linked, not all GoldMine records. Sync This button syncs all transactions and is a manual synchronization linking contacts between GoldMine and QuickBooks.
  16. © W-Systems Corp. | Our Licensing Process Install qbGold

    Once you have purchased qbGold, we will provide you or your customer with the latest download package. Request License After installation a form will appear on the screen requesting the activation for the license. License Activation With qbGold, we lock each license down to the GoldMine’s License without the Key Code. You MUST purchase the proper price level that matches the GoldMine License before we activate it. Example, Customer has 3 licenses, they need the 1-4 Level. Start Syncing Upon Activation, all you have to do is close qbGold and reopen it. It will pull in the updated activation license key and details required to run. Start configuring and enjoy!
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