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GoldMine User Group: Best Practices for CRM User Adoption

GoldMine User Group: Best Practices for CRM User Adoption

The key to a successful CRM is user adoption across your entire organization. If you are not getting data inside your CRM, all of your reports, analytics, workflows, and processes are not going to provide benefit.

Learn how other business units including HR, Support, and Marketing can use GoldMine to increase overall company performance profitability.



April 30, 2019


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    Best Practices for CRM User Adoption GoldMine User Group
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    w-systems.com Sarah Friedlander Garcia W-Systems sarah@ w-systems.com Kevin Smith Ivanti / GoldMine kevin.smith@ goldmine.com
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    User Group Webinar • GoldMine News Roundup • GoldMine Resources & Training • Feature Topic – Best Practices for GoldMine CRM User Adoption • GoldMine Q&A Session
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    User Group Meeting September 2018: Sales Opportunity Management Streaming Video Recording Link on our blog (September Archive) • Blog Post • Webinar Archive
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    2018.1.2 HF3 In addition to the new features that were added in GMPE 2018: • Security rewrite • GM Connect Home screen • Constant Contact group uploads from GM • New streamlined and simplified outlink link The following elements were released with the 2018 HF3 • Constant Contact adjustments in History tab • Performance improvement in Outlook link • ‘My Activity’ calendar display was re configured to improve performance in GM Web • Release Notes
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    1-36 months: • No changes to the existing maintenance policy (standard reinstatement rules apply) New Upgrade Policy for Premium Edition Customers expired over 3 years: • Customer buys “Get Current” upgrade and gets most recent serial number • Pricing is: − 35% discount for 3 years ($451.75) − 25% discount for 4 and more ($521.25) Expired Maintenance Options
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    GoldMine… Not Just for Sales Key Areas to Utilize CRM Inside Your Organization
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    CRM Choice Easy to Use Superior Support Affordability Mobile Friendly Flexible Deployments Training Only one click away from detailed info Get critical, real-time CRM information on the go No cost online training Access to telephone support, online self-service, and email • Cloud or Premise • Smartphone, Web or Offline Access The most affordable CRM compared to other options
  9. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com • CRM grew up from

    Contact Management and Sales Force Automation. Traditionally it is most used for Sales Departments. • Utilizing CRM in other key areas of your business can have real impacts on your organization’s performance and profitability. Utilizing Your CRM Customer Service / Help Desk Accounting Marketing Project Management Human Resources
  10. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Use the GoldMine Service Center

    to track customer issues, requests and problems (Cases) ➔ Track Cases from beginning to resolution; all activities (calls, meetings, emails, etc.) ➔ Manages inventory of open Cases still to be resolved ➔ Provides history of all Cases for all of your customers – useful for sales & support ➔ Mobility offering for Field Service staff Use the GoldMine Knowledge Base to maintain info about troubleshooting and resolving customer issues ➔ Maintain info to help guide your Customer Service Reps in resolving Cases ➔ Email and web form integration (Self Service) Customer Service
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com ➔ Track and analyze lead

    sources ➔ Use GoldMine’s campaign manager to create marketing campaigns with multiple touches to your prospects. ➔ Use integration to Constant Contact to track ‘opens, clicks, forwards’ for any of your Constant Contact marketing campaigns. ➔ Track visitors to your website with GoldMine’s built in Web Import capability. Marketing
  12. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com ➔ Use the GoldMine Alerts

    to notify Sales people of delinquent or overdue accounts. ➔ Provide a portal of order data and other key customer accounting data via your CRM tool. This eliminates the need to give Salespeople access to your Accounting Software ➔ Schedule follow up calls, send out emails, notices automatically for any delinquent accounts using GoldMine’s automated processes. Accounting
  13. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com ➔ GoldMine’s built in Project

    Manager is ideal for logistics tracking on any project or event where lots of company interaction is required. ➔ In a Manufacturing environment GoldMine can be an asset in Production Control (all major tasks and Critical Path can be outlined… see the GoldMine GANTT chart) ➔ For Event Management GoldMine provides an easy to user interface to manage all correspondence, contracts (or any other important documents/specs) and key individuals. Project Management
  14. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com ➔ By creating contacts for

    your employees, you can turn GoldMine into a mini HR system. ➔ Keep a complete record of Employee statistic (start date, birthday, certifications, Sick Days, Benefits accrued, etc.) ➔ Using Automated Processes you can send out reminders for a variety of HR requirements (401k notifications, birthday greetings, expiry of certifications etc.) ➔ Using the GoldMine Knowledgebase, you can provide a secure up to date library for all employee reference materials (benefits, vacation policy, etc.) Human Resources
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