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Improve Member Engagement with Marketing Automation

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October 14, 2020

Improve Member Engagement with Marketing Automation

See how to effectively communicate with your members with Sugar Market, the fully-featured marketing automation platform integrated with Symitar.



October 14, 2020


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    Improve Member Engagement with Marketing Automation
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    be recorded • Recording will be emailed to you and posted on within 24 hours • The audience is muted, but we welcome questions typed into GoToWebinar’s Q&A tool
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    Capture the attention of your most promising prospects. Sell Smarter Create more meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships. Serve Exceptionally Give Members the support they need quickly and confidently. Sugar Market Sugar Sell Sugar Serve
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    Market is the all-you-need marketing automation for credit unions, with a curated toolset for marketers, such as: • Get a full picture of your member • Manage referrals & incentives • Onboard new members • Segment your member base for marketing campaigns
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    integrated with your Core system enables you to: • Intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builders • Lead nurturing and sophisticated scoring • Advanced analytics and BI-grade reporting dashboards • Seamless integrations with the most popular CRM software, including Sugar Sell
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    to reach out to existing and prospective members through drip messages over a predefined timeline. This drip campaign sends out onboarding emails to new members at regular time intervals. Drip Campaigns
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    track your member’s actions and data to create campaigns. This campaign promotes a new offer for member who reach 30 transactions with their credit card, and notifies them when they’ve reached certain milestones (5/15/25/30 transactions).
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    Whether your events are online or offline, Sugar Market integrates with Cisco WebEx and GoToWebinar, and can help facilitate the creation, management and tracking of all of your event marketing.
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    members more effectively with Sugar Market. Email: Get Started with Sugar Market Today
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