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Inbound and Outbound: Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing

Inbound and Outbound: Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing

Learn the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing, and the major benefits you will reap using both in your marketing efforts.



April 10, 2019


  1. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com

    Inbound and Outbound: Activate Your Dual Powered Marketing Marketing Reboot
  2. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Presenters Sarah Friedlander Garcia W-Systems

    sarah@ w-systems.com Scott Alder Act-On scott.alder@ act-on.com Karen Casey Act-On karen.casey@ act-on.com
  3. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Agenda • Modern definitions of

    inbound & outbound marketing • Best practices and benefits of each strategy • How to integrate both strategies into your marketing plan • How to measure success
  4. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Inbound marketing is still a

    relatively new concept. Historical Definition of Inbound
  5. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Activities designed to attract the

    attention of customers and prospects with the purpose of giving them a reason to come to you. Modern Definition of Inbound
  6. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Blogging Inbound Tactics SEO Social

    Media Content Marketing Review/ Referral Sites
  7. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Tactics used to get your

    marketing message to mass audiences, in hopes of reaching potential customers or prospects. Historical Definition of Outbound
  8. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Pushing relevant messaging to known

    personas which address their pain points and interests, so you stay top-of-mind in the decision making process. Modern Definition of Outbound
  9. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Outbound Tactics NON-DIGITAL DIGITAL •

    Direct Mail • Television • Radio • Phone • Email • Retargeting Ads • Video • Account-Based Marketing
  10. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Generate Awareness Turn Awareness into

    Contacts Turn Contacts into Leads Turn Leads into Customers Turn Customers into Advocates The New Buyer’s Journey EXPAND CONVERT NURTURE ATTRACT CAPTURE
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 78% of consumers start the

    buying process with a web search. 50% turn to social media and peer reviews to influence their buying decisions. Demand Gen Report EXPAND CONVERT NURTURE ATTRACT CAPTURE The New Buyer’s Journey
  12. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 50% of leads are qualified,

    but are not yet ready to buy. Gleanster Research Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Forrester Research The New Buyer’s Journey EXPAND CONVERT NURTURE ATTRACT CAPTURE
  13. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Inbound | Blogging Blogging helps

    you: • Establish your company as knowledgeable • Improve organic search results • Encourage social sharing
  14. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 7 Tips for Better Blogging

    Update the blog weekly, at least. 1 2 3 4 Create an editorial calendar. Include social sharing buttons. Keep a consistent blog schedule. Add a call to action. 5 6 7 Use keywords that match your blog copy. Make your content valuable to your reader.
  15. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com The goal of SEO is

    to build a robust, informative website, which serves educational content that serves the needs of your prospects. Inbound | SEO
  16. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 5 Tips to Optimize your

    Website for SEO Include title tags. 1 2 3 5 4 Know your audience. Write better content. Set a “canonical” URL. Use responsive design.
  17. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Social Media is used by

    prospects to connect with brands, research solutions, and solve customer service problems. Inbound | Social Media
  18. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 5 Tips for Creating Engaging

    Social Content Maintain a steady cadence. 1 2 3 5 4 Develop a tone. Pose questions. Push the envelope. Use multimedia.
  19. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Content Marketing should serve a

    business purpose through education and information, versus persuasion. Inbound | Content Marketing
  20. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com 4 Tips for Creating a

    Content Marketing Strategy Identify the right content formula. 1 2 3 4 Analyze your customers buying process. Understand and segment your audience. Repurpose your content.
  21. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Integrating Inbound with Outbound You

    need permission to engage with them on an ongoing basis. • Every Inbound CTA should have a dedicated landing page. • Conduct A/B testing to improve your conversions.
  22. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Outbound | Email Marketing Email

    is ranked the #1 preferred communication channel by consumers. • Behavior triggered emails • Automated email programs/nurturing
  23. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Outbound | Behavior Triggered Email

    What is it? • Trigger an email based on an action (or lack of action) • Let your audience self-identify • Use digital body language to find your messaging sweet spot
  24. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Bad Lead Warm Lead Qualified

    Lead Outbound | Nurture Email Programs What is it? • Nurturing is an automated email program that encourages prospects to interact with your brand. • Nurturing allows you to send highly targeted messages by segmenting based on data you are collecting.
  25. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Hot Leads Cold Leads Customer

    C-Level Wait 5 days Wait 5 days Wait 5 days Wait 1 day 30 points Copy to List Email 1 Email 2 Email 3 Email 4 Wait Email Cold Email 1 Email CXO Testimonial Wait YES NO Opened Previous Conditional Branching Conditional Messages Invite Wait Copy to List Change Field Value Outbound | Nurture Email Programs
  26. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com OUTBOUND – Retargeting Ads What

    is it? The process of targeting your prospects, via a website cookie, so you can serve ads to them across different channels on any pages they visit online.
  27. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com OUTBOUND – Retargeting Ads

  28. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Outbound | Video Marketing What

    is it? Video assets used to increase education about your product or service and promote your brand. Types of Videos: • Explainer (How-to) • Customer Testimonials • Event Videos • Teaser Videos • Content Videos
  29. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Outbound | Account Based Marketing

    What is it? A strategic approach where your marketing efforts focus on engaging named accounts, which have been identified as a similar in size and industry to existing top tier customers.
  30. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Plan your content. Tips for

    Integrating Inbound & Outbound 1 2 3 5 4 Develop a cohesive messaging strategy. Track key metrics across the buyer’s journey. Develop an integrated mindset. Consider your prospects activity when making outbound contact.
  31. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Lifecycle Stage Examples of Specific

    Marketing Objectives Attract Attract 5,000 site visitors in six months. Capture Get 750 forms filled out on your landing pages in the fiscal year Nurture Convert 25% of inbound leads to first-time buyers in the quarter Convert Produce $750,000 in topline revenue in 12 months. Expand Convince 15% of new customers to try another product within 18 months of first purchase. Measuring Success 1. Set clear goals for what you want to do. 2. Set a time period for reaching goals. 3. Share goals with the whole team.
  32. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com

  33. © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com