Managing Document Access for wMobile

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February 27, 2019

Managing Document Access for wMobile

In this webinar, we discussed Managing Document Access for wMobile and covered the following:
- Configuring Virtual File System Settings (VFS) in the Manager Console to grant access to document folder locations
- Accessing existing email attachments and Linked Documents in wMobile
- Setting up wMobile Desktop to enable users to upload Linked Documents



February 27, 2019


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    wMobile (General) • Rebranding to W-Systems • Addition of Local Email Rules • Improvements to wMobile installer to avoid erroneous detection by AntiVirus applications • System setting added to skip password complexity rules • Improved handling of GoldMine Contact and Opportunity fields set to 'Not allow blank input' and 'Require valid input' are highlighted in wMobile Fixed: • Owner cannot be edited when copying an email account from wMobile Manager Console
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    Phone and Desktop Support for local email rules have been added in both wMobile Phone and Desktop. These are ‘Local’ email rules in wMobile, to be distinguished from email rules that users might have in GoldMine, Outlook, or other email clients. Local email rules will allow user to create filters for email handling, and specify rules for what should happen to those emails, such as copying email to the GM Inbox or a specific project folder, marking email as Read, or forwarding email. These email rules will allow us to replicate the auto-retrieve and auto-delete email settings from GoldMine to move email from the Online Inbox to the GoldMine Inbox.
  10. © W-Systems Corp. | Improvements to wMobile Installer Improvements

    have been made to the wMobile installer to avoid erroneous detection by anti-virus applications. • The server desktop shortcut was updated to ensure it uses an https web link to download updates. • Improvements to the DotNetSetup which was being flagged by anti-virus applications.
  11. © W-Systems Corp. | Ability to Enable/Disable Password Complexity

    Rules As many of you are aware, new password complexity rules were introduced to GoldMine 2018.2. Beginning with wMobile, If wMobile detected GoldMine 2018.2 was installed, it enforced the same password complexity rules. However, GoldMine does allow existing customers to skip the new password complexity rules and keep existing rules. We have added a System Setting in the wMobile Manager Console to allow an administrator to enable or disable the password complexity rules.
  12. © W-Systems Corp. | System Setting for Password Policy

    The setting is found in the wMobile Manager Console System Settings Configuration → Common → Security → AccountPolicies → PasswordPolicy
  13. © W-Systems Corp. | Contact Field Display Improvement GoldMine

    fields set to 'Not allow blank input' and 'Require valid input' are highlighted in wMobile Phone and Desktop.
  14. © W-Systems Corp. | Opportunity Field Improvement Improvements have

    been made to improve the display and functionality of fields set to ‘require valid input’ and ‘not allow blank input’ in wMobile Phone and Desktop.
  15. © W-Systems Corp. | Copying Email Accounts Fixed: Copy

    function in the wMobile Manager Console on copying email accounts. This feature has been reviewed and admins can again update the email account information for the new user as appropriate.
  16. © W-Systems Corp. | What’s New in wMobile Phone

    • Option added to show primary email and website on Pending Activity • Support for email rules, such as copying email from the Online Inbox to the GoldMine Inbox.
  17. © W-Systems Corp. | Primary Email and Website on

    Pending Activity Lists An option has been added in Users Options to set custom fields in the Pending Activity lists such as primary email address and website. UserOptions → Phone → Activities → PendingActivityViewExtraFields
  18. © W-Systems Corp. | Pending Activity Display in wMobile

    Phone In this example, Email Address and Web Site were added to the displayed fields.
  19. © W-Systems Corp. | Email Rules To add an

    email rule in wMobile Phone, select My Preferences | Email Setup and select the email account. There’s now a Rules tab in the email settings in Preferences to add email rules. Select New Rule.
  20. © W-Systems Corp. | New Rule Example These would

    be the selections to copy email from the Online Inbox into the GoldMine Inbox, and then delete the email from the Online Inbox.
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    • Calendar Export improvements - options include CSV, Excel and PDF • Support for email rules, such as copying email from the Online Inbox to the GoldMine Inbox.
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    Excel, PDF
  23. © W-Systems Corp. | Sample Exports

  24. © W-Systems Corp. | New Tab Added to Email

    Settings for Rules Select Edit on an email account to access email settings. New rules can be added to Rule tab by selecting New Rule as shown here.
  25. © W-Systems Corp. | Email Rule Example

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    Feature Topic: Managing Document Access for wMobile
  27. © W-Systems Corp. | Feature Topic – Managing Document

    Access for wMobile The topic that won the poll from our last session was ‘Managing Document Access for wMobile. We will review the following: • Configuring Virtual File System (VFS) in the wMobile Manager • Accessing existing email attachments and Linked Documents in wMobile • Configuration for wMobile Desktop Users to Upload Linked Documents
  28. © W-Systems Corp. | Virtual File System Settings The

    Virtual File System (VFS) Settings in wMobile manage access for documents in wMobile Phone and Desktop. These settings are also used by the Remote GoldMine Service for access to GoldMine’s executable, license file, and other dll files. The VFS settings are configured in the wMobile Manager Console.
  29. © W-Systems Corp. | Virtual File System Settings This

    example shows configured Virtual File System Settings. There is one folder added where GoldMine files might be located. A G:\ drive mapping has been added, since user email attachments or file attachments might use this drive mapping.
  30. © W-Systems Corp. | Local System is a Built-In

    Server Account By default, the Remote GoldMine Service uses a built-in Local System account. This account does not have permissions to access a drive mapped or UNC path. In older versions of wMobile we used a Windows domain account to access files and documents instead of the Virtual File System Settings. We still use that method in some cases, but the Virtual File System will provide a translation from a drive mapped or UNC setting for local files.
  31. © W-Systems Corp. | Select Linked Document Folder Paths

    On a new wMobile install, or one where document access hasn’t been configured, the Virtual File System won’t have any existing server or folder listed. One way to identify the paths that should be added is to review existing Linked document paths in GoldMine. wMobile uses the Linked doc paths in the ContSupp table to show the locations of existing documents. Use ‘Select Linked Document Folder Paths.’
  32. © W-Systems Corp. | Select Paths The resulting list

    will show any paths that use a UNC (Universal Naming Convention). In an older GoldMine where multiple paths or servers might have been used, there could be multiple paths listed. Checkmark any valid paths where users will need to access documents. Select Import.
  33. © W-Systems Corp. | Server and Folder Added The

    server and folder of any selected paths will be added in a tree format.
  34. © W-Systems Corp. | Add Drive Mapping Some customers

    use drive mappings to maintain consistent paths to documents even when GoldMine is migrated from server to server. If your company uses a drive mapping to GoldMine, it can be added at the appropriate folder level.
  35. © W-Systems Corp. | Manually Entering VFS Settings Perhaps

    no paths come up when using ‘Select Linked Document Folder Paths’ or they are no longer current. We can manually enter the server, share, and/or folder. Begin by selecting New Server. Select Continue when the server name has been entered. If you’re not certain about the exact name of your server, see the next slide.
  36. © W-Systems Corp. | Finding Server Name

  37. © W-Systems Corp. | Add New Share The Path

    will be entered automatically. In most cases, GoldMine will be a shared folder. So click on New Share to add the shared folder.
  38. © W-Systems Corp. | New Share Enter the Shared

    folder name. Select Continue. Add a Drive mapping for the Share if one is used.
  39. © W-Systems Corp. | New Folder To add a

    specific folder within the Share, such as the GoldMine folder, select New Folder. Add the folder name and select Continue.
  40. © W-Systems Corp. | Remote UserName and Password wMobile

    can be installed with all the components on the same server, or using what we refer to as a ‘split-install’ where the Remote GoldMine Service is on the GoldMine server, and the remaining components are installed on a web server. If the files that users need to access reside on a server other than the server where the Remote GoldMine Service (RGMS) is installed, then Windows credentials will be needed in order for the RGMS to be able to serve up the files via wMobile.
  41. © W-Systems Corp. | Test Path When the Virtual

    File System Settings have been added, it’s a good idea to use Test Path or Test All Paths to test the connections and make sure that all the connections can be made successfully.
  42. © W-Systems Corp. | Successful Test If the test

    is successful, this will be shown in the Messages area in the bottom of the pane.
  43. © W-Systems Corp. | Test Path - Error If

    the test is not successful, you’ll see that the invalid items will turn red. An explanation will appear in the Messages area at the bottom of the page.
  44. © W-Systems Corp. | Virtual File System Supports Accessing

    Files in Multiple Locations The Virtual File System can be used to provide access to multiple servers, even if they are on different servers. Perhaps all GoldMine users access email stored in GoldMine folders, but users might need to access Sales documents on another folder or share, and might need to access Marketing documents on another server or share. Just repeat the steps to add these server, file, and folder locations into the VFS tree. Upon leaving the VFS settings, you’ll be prompted to restart the Remote GoldMine Service for the changes to take effect.
  45. © W-Systems Corp. | wMobile Phone Doc Access In

    wMobile Phone, users will have access to Documents listed under Documents, including email attachments.
  46. © W-Systems Corp. | wMobile Desktop Doc Access wMobile

    users will be able to access documents under the Linked Documents tab, including email attachments.
  47. © W-Systems Corp. | System Setting for Linked Documents

    Navigate to Configuration > Common > Contacts > LinkedDocuments
  48. © W-Systems Corp. | Upload New Document in wMobile

  49. © W-Systems Corp. | Uploading New Document in wMobile

    Desktop Documents can be uploaded from the Links tab in wMobile. Select New and then enter the Document name. Either browse for the document or paste in a web link such as a DropBox or Google Doc shareable link. Click OK to save the document. It will be uploaded to the server, in the folder specified in the settings we reviewed earlier.
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    Blog post
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    User Group • wMobile and GoldMine 2018.2 - what you need to know • Preparing for a wMobile Migration to a New Server • Email Merge in wMobile Desktop • One-Click Logins
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    [May] • Redesign wMobile Desktop UI [May] • Support for custom fields in wMobile Phone Projects add-In [May] • Support for TLS encrypted database connection [June]
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    wMobile User Group – Wednesday, May 29, 2019
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