Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve

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August 12, 2020

Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve

Watch our webinar where we showcased Sugar Serve’s customer support platform that has everything you need to create outstanding customer experiences, from easy at-a-glance dashboards to robust self-service portals.



August 12, 2020


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    Provide Outstanding Support with Sugar Serve
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    is an innovative customer service center platform for multichannel case management and customer self-service. With Serve, companies can • Improve service agent efficiency • Reduce cost and effort of service • Leverage service to drive higher revenue • Increase customer satisfaction and build trusting relationships • Not too heavy… not too light. Sugar Serve is just right. IMPROVE EFFICIENCY REDUCE COST BUILD TRUSTING RELATIONSHIPS
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    can • Reduce service costs and improve service agent efficiency • Deflect cases through self-service • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty • Increase revenue • Measure service performance
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    like to learn more about Sugar Serve for your organization. Email: Get Started with Sugar Serve Today
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    Self Service Future Automation Intelligence and Insights Recommend Knowledge, Similar Cases Voice and chat interface with AWS Connect Social Channels Community Voice of Customer Surveys, CSAT, NPS Sentiment Tracking Improved Self Service Portal Improvements, Chat Integration, Chatbots, Support Announcements Next level Case Management Escalations, Search, Re-routing, Tier Re-assignments Next Level WFM Scheduling, Optimization, Skills based routing Improved Agent Scheduling Visual Calendar subject to change
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    CRM Screen Pop to Agent showing Contact details of inbound caller. Agent has full access to the Contact record including integrations to help customer. Can create case if needed. Call Logged Agent makes notes alongside recording Call Recording & Analysis Call recorded and analysed for sentiment and quality. Dynamic Routing IVR availability – Voice routing through intent. Sugar data can be used to inform this – E.g VIP, last agent Routing to agent based on availability, priority, hours of operation etc. 1. Incoming Customer Call 2.Personalised Greeting Phone number matched against contact on Sugar Hello, Jennifer. How can I assist you today?
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    Voice / Chat Bots Recording, Transcription and Sentiment Agent Desktop Collaboration / Comms Workflow and BPM Client 360 Contact Center Infrastructure Customer Relationship Management Knowledge Base Self Service Portal Amazon Connect Chat SMS Customer Relationship Management
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