Remote Sales Management with Sugar Dashboards

Remote Sales Management with Sugar Dashboards

The new reality of ‘work from home’ sales teams is requiring a rapid shift in priorities. It’s a challenge we’re all facing.

In this webinar, we showcased how your CRM can help by providing real-time insights into your customer data.



May 27, 2020


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    Remote Sales Management with Sugar Dashboards
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    new information as it happens with real-time dashboards. Whether you want to analyze sales trends, view customer support metrics, or see a snapshot of customer profiles, you can get the latest insights without having to rely on administrators. Quickly dive into the latest data based on attributes like industry and geography to monitor how your customer base is changing over time.
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    Need Easily customize charts based on the information that matters most to you, and filter as needed to analyze performance. Users can personalize dashboards to see critical insights at a glance, and customize dashlets to display data in a variety of formats.
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    about how your organization can create effective dashboards with Sugar. Email: Get Started with Sugar Dashboards Today
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