Sugar User Group: Advanced Sugar Studio Administration

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September 18, 2018

Sugar User Group: Advanced Sugar Studio Administration

One of our latest projects in development is wStudio, a modern and easy-to-use version of Sugar’s Studio that helps our admins spend less time in Studio and more time on critical CRM initiatives.

In this webinar, we demonstrated how we use wStudio to:

- Build and modify layouts directly from the record view in Sugar
- Efficiently drag and drop fields, rows, and columns
- Seamlessly manage huge numbers of custom fields and module relationships
- Easily suppress related module subpanels based on specific criteria



September 18, 2018


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    Your admin is your unsung CRM hero. We want them to spend less time on studio customizations and more time on CRM optimization. That’s why we’re building wStudio. wStudio provides a modern, user-friendly enhancement to Sugar’s Studio.
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    layouts (up to 6) 2. Conditionally suppress subpanels 3. Role based views 4. Edit directly from record view 5. Drag & drop design
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