wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond

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August 21, 2019

wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond

In the last wMobile User Group of the summer, we showed a preview of the new wMobile Desktop user interface for wMobile 5.0 and discussed how to plan for wMobile and GoldMine upgrades.

Watch our webinar to find out what you need to know and how to prepare.



August 21, 2019


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    wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond wMobile User Group
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Agenda • Review of Existing

    Resources • Features and Fixes in wMobile • Focus Topic: wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond • Roadmap • Open Q&A
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Existing Resources • Resources tab

    ⁃ Videos for Phone and Desktop, recorded Webinars, Product Literature including (updated) Online Help Guide • Tech Specs (updated) • Release Notes • Demos and Downloads tab • Shortcuts for Latest Articles, Upcoming Events and Training • Support ⁃ New Support link in web page header provides options to submit with form or via portal • Blog Articles at w-systems.com/blog Navigate through Products → GoldMine → wMobile for GoldMine or use the link below: w-systems.com/products/wmobile-g oldmine
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    the support form on the website, using the Support button. Login into our support portal and create a case. https://www.w-systems.com/support/portal/ Please let us know if you’d like to submit support cases through the portal and we can provide credentials to log in. Contact us at support@w-systems.com
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    wMobile Product Page w-systems.com/products/wmobile • Included in newsletter • wMobile Installer will always check for latest release • You must be on maintenance to update.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Highlights of What’s New in

    wMobile (General) • wMobile 5.0 release! • Telerik upgrade • wMobile 5.0 now uses .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or higher). A server reboot is often required for this Microsoft update. • Windows Server 2019 is now supported • SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine update • Dynamic Content Compression requirement in IIS updated in online documentation • Please upgrade! Any wDiagnostic report submitted from wMobile 4.0 will not be received.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com wMobile 5.0 wMobile includes a

    new user interface for wMobile Desktop. This should provide an even better user experience in wMobile Desktop! The new version can be downloaded from the Demos and Downloads page of the wMobile website. Please be patient with us while we get our online documentation updated with new screenshots of the interface.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Telerik Update Progress(Telerik) is the

    .NET library for User Interface (UI) development that our developers use to build wMobile Desktop Edition. Every time we update Telerik, it gives us new tools to work with. In the past it’s helped us improve functionality for wMobile Desktop on touch devices (iPads and other tablets). In wMobile 4.1 it allowed us to add drag and drop functionality for email in wMobile Desktop. Now, in wMobile 5.0, it has provided the tools for us to build the new UI for wMobile Desktop.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com .NET Framework 4.7.2 wMobile will

    now require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher . Net Framework update often prompts for a server reboot. You will want to start your wMobile upgrade outside of business hours to accommodate the restart. .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher (and the restart, if it prompts for a restart) must be completed before upgrading to wMobile 5.0. .NET Framework 4.7.2 can be installed on Windows Server 2008 SP2 or above.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Windows Server 2019 Windows Server

    2019 is now supported with wMobile 5.0. Older versions of Windows Server will not be supported with wMobile 5.0, due to .NET Framework 4.7.2 compatibility. Supported Server Operating Systems: ▪Windows Server 2008 SP2 (All Editions) [32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor] ▪Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (All Editions) [64-bit (x64) processor] ▪Windows Small Business Server 2011 [64-bit (x64) processor] ▪Windows Server 2012 (All Editions) [64-bit (x64) processor] ▪Windows Server 2016 (All Editions) [64-bit (x64) processor] ▪Windows Server 2019 (All Editions) [64-bit (x64) processor]
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine

    Update The upgrade to wMobile 5.0 will also include an update to the SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine for .NET Framework used to run Crystal Reports in wMobile Phone and Desktop.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Dynamic Content Compression Dynamic Content

    Compression is required in IIS. We’ve updated our online documentation to include this requirement.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Please Upgrade! Any wDiagnostic report

    submitted from wMobile 4.0 will no longer be received. The 4.1 and 5.0 upgrades repoint all server references for server updates, license activation, and wDiagnostics to the W-Systems domain and appropriate servers. Customers with current maintenance are entitled to upgrade. The upgrade link can be accessed from the wMobile Demos and Downloads product page. During the upgrade, the wMobileUpdates desktop icon on the server will be updated to point to the new installer/updater location.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com What’s New in wMobile Phone

    • Our focus was on wMobile Desktop this quarter, so no changes were made our trusty wMobile Phone application. It’s still your reliable method to access GoldMine data on your mobile device while you’re out of the office.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com What’s New in wMobile Desktop

    • The User Interface (UI) has been redesigned. This interface has improved visibility, is easy to use, and will be easier to customize. • A Clear button is now present to clear all Opportunity/Project filter criteria at once. • An option to customize the navigation menu is included for users (and for administrators).
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Quick Search Use the magnifying

    glass icon on the right side of the screen to use Quick Search. As before, Quick Search can search on multiple fields at once such as Company and Contact.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Navigation Menu is Easier to

    Read • The Navigation menu automatically expands and contracts based on the browser window width. • The Navigation menu options can be customized, so users have what they need early in the menu, and less used items available from the down arrow, as shown above, to show more menu items.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Manager Console The Navigation menu

    choices can also be preset by an admin user in the wMobile Manager Console. In Default User Options, navigate to Options > Desktop > Main Menu
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Action Buttons Action buttons are

    easy to see and use. The larger buttons will also help users on iPads and tablets.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com User Profile Menu User Options

    (preferences), One Click Login, wMobile version info, and the Logout option are now under the user profile menu.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Recent Navigation The wMobile menu

    in Desktop Edition now includes a list of recent navigation options. These are selectable to revisit.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com

    Feature Topic: wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Feature Topic – wMobile with

    GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond The topic that won the poll from our last session was ‘wMobile with GoldMine 2018.2 and Beyond.’ As many GoldMine administrators are aware, GoldMine 2018.2 had many changes related to data security and password policies. Some customers already updated to GoldMine 2018.2 within the last year, but we are still getting questions on how to manage GoldMine and wMobile upgrades. We’ll review what you need to do to prepare for upgrading, if you haven’t done so already.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Password Management With the advent

    of GoldmIne 2018.2 and subsequent releases, the GoldMine password is case-sensitive. After an upgrade to 2018.2 or higher, all users must log in with their existent password, ALL IN CAPS. Users are then prompted to change their password. If users do this in GoldMine, then they're all set. wMobile uses the GoldMine API, so changed passwords will work for GoldMine too.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Password Change Prompt in wMobile

    If users don't have access to GoldMine, or log into wMobile first, they will similarly be prompted to change their password. wMobile Desktop wMobile Phone
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Exception to Password Management When

    wMobile detects that GoldMine is on 2018.2 or higher, it will automatically enforce the new password complexity rules. If the GoldMine administrator has opted to keep an existing security policy and has not adopted GoldMine's new password complexity policy, there's an option not to use the password complexity rules in the wMobile Manager Console. In the System Settings, navigate to Configuration > Common > Security > AccountPolicies > PasswordPolicy
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com No Blank Passwords Blank passwords

    will no longer be allowed in wMobile, regardless of GoldMine version. If a user has a blank password, they’ll be prompted to update it.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com One Click Logins If users

    had One Click Logins on their mobile devices, laptops, or home computers, they will no longer be valid. One Click Logins encrypt the user’s password. Since the password will change, the One Click Login will have the OLD password. We recently covered this topic in another wMobile User Group Session. You can also find information in these blogs posts: • Creating a One Click Login for wMobile Phone • Creating a One Click Login for wMobile Desktop Or in our online manual: • Setup One Click Login for wMobile Phone • Setup One Click Login for wMobile Desktop
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com SQL User with Read-Only Access

    Starting with GoldMine 2018.2, GoldMine implemented the use of a SQL Query user with read-only permissions. wMobile implemented the same change, so a SQL user can be added or used in the wMobile Manager Console. This will pertain to use of the SQL Query Manager in wMobile Desktop as well as any filters that were created using SQL query syntax. We covered this in a blog post this year. We also have information on using or creating a SQL user in our wMobile Online Guide.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com wMobile Upgrade Notes • When

    upgrading GoldMine, stop the Remote GoldMine Service, wMobile Email Fetcher Service prior to beginning the upgrade process. (Remember to restart them after the upgrade too!) • Normally, wMobile users can use the desktop shortcut for wMobile updates, but with full upgrades (such as to 4.1 or 5.0), administrators will need to access the upgrade link from the wMobile website. We hope to eliminate this necessity going forward.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com What To Tell Users Advise

    users in advance that they'll need to update their passwords if GoldMine will be upgraded from a version below 2018.2. As noted, the first login must use the ‘old’ password, IN CAPS. They’ll be prompted to change the password following the new complexity rules. They should be able to update their passwords in either GoldMine or wMobile.
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Poll Topics for Next wMobile

    User Group • Preparing for a wMobile Migration to a New Server • Email Merge in wMobile Desktop • Using Pending and History Activity Lists in wMobile Desktop • Duplicate Detection Settings in wMobile
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Roadmap • New Metric Dashboards

    for Activities in wMobile Desktop [September] • Support for Custom Fields in Projects in wMobile Phone [September] • Support for TLS Encrypted Database Connection [October] • Metric Dashboards for Opportunities and Projects [November]
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    © W-Systems Corp. | www.w-systems.com Next wMobile User Group Next

    wMobile User Group – Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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    w-systems.com Office / Switchboard: +1 (201) 760-2565 x313 Lynn Catterson lcatterson@ w-systems.com Office / Switchboard: +1 (201) 760-2565 x318 Mark Thudium mthudium@ w-systems.com Office / Switchboard: +1 (201) 760-2565 x402 support@w-systems.com