5 Tips for building a robust DevRel team - DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

5 Tips for building a robust DevRel team - DevRelCon Tokyo 2019

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It's not easy to have a DevRel team especially for companies which are not so big. But there're many things have to do. Then using external resources is required, and it's not easy as well. From my real experience, I'll share five tips on how to create a team to get a result!

There might be many tips we can try, but for the first twelve months, how about trying only **FIVE** tips I always keep in mind. These are from my experiences and **SIMPLE** though the effectiveness is not small. My goal as a DevRel person is to acquire more users and create a user community of our IoT application development service, since I've started this role from March 2018. After nine months challenge, I could acquire hundreds of users and about 150 members of the community.

I am still on the way of the journey, but I can show you real examples of my failures and success.

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wataru yamazaki (uhuru)

March 09, 2019