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Module 7

Module 7

Version 2 of Module 7 for StoyfboardArt.org.

Zach Simon

June 17, 2022

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  1. module 7

  2. Notes CAPTION: National Security Council Meeting, June 1951

  3. None
  4. Dialog TRUMAN: So what have we got?

  5. Dialog GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: It's a mine field, Mr. President,

  6. Dialog GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: plain and simple.

  7. Dialog GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: For Iran, for Britain, possibly for

    the whole free world.
  8. None
  9. Dialog TRUMAN: McGhee?

  10. Dialog MCGHEE: Agreed.

  11. Dialog MCGHEE: The Iranians want the heads of all Brits.

  12. Dialog MCGHEE: The Iranians want the heads of all Brits.

  13. Dialog MCGHEE (OS): And anyone perceived as a friend of

    the Brits.
  14. Dialog MCGHEE (OS): Including us.

  15. Dialog MCGHEE: Grady in Tehran calls the situation, and I

  16. Dialog MCGHEE: "most explosive."

  17. None
  18. Dialog TRUMAN: And Britain?

  19. Dialog ACHESON: They're seriously poised to invade.

  20. Dialog ACHESON: That oil company is their country's single biggest

    income source.
  21. Dialog ACHESON: Lose it and their whole economy starts teetering.

  22. Dialog ACHESON: They'll stop at nothing to get it back.

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  31. Dialog TRUMAN: We've got to jump in now

  32. Dialog TRUMAN: or it's all going to explode.

  33. Dialog MCGHEE: Beg pardon, Mr. President,

  34. Dialog MCGHEE: jump in and do what?

  35. Dialog MCGHEE: If we tell Britain to back off, we'll

    just get into a fight with them.
  36. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: Which, if it spirals out of control,

  37. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: could split the whole Western Alliance.

  38. Dialog TRUMAN: Leaving the Soviets unopposed in Europe.

  39. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY (OS): Exactly, sir.

  40. Dialog TRUMAN: Hoo boy.

  41. Dialog TRUMAN: And if we were to just let Britain

    invade? Then what?
  42. Dialog BRADLEY: Among other things, the Soviets would be highly

    motivated to step in on Iran's side.
  43. Dialog ACHESON: The Soviets vs. the West. God knows how

    many countries would get sucked into that fight.
  44. Dialog GENERAL OMAR BRADLEY: World War Thr--

  45. Dialog ACHESON: Tst! Omar, let's not--

  46. Dialog TRUMAN (OS): The point is

  47. Dialog TRUMAN: we're screwed no matter which we do.

  48. None
  49. None
  50. Dialog ACHESON: I see one slim option, sir

  51. Dialog ACHESON: -- very slim.

  52. None
  53. None
  54. Dialog ACHESON (CONT'D) First,: we press Britain to stand down

    just for now.
  55. Dialog ACHESON: Draft a letter to Atlee personally.

  56. Dialog ACHESON: Hope to God we can stall him.

  57. Dialog TRUMAN: And?

  58. Dialog ACHESON: Then we work quickly:

  59. Dialog ACHESON: pry open even a small window for dialogue.

  60. Dialog ACHESON: We then step up as mediators and hammer

    out a deal for everyone.
  61. None
  62. Dialog MCGHEE (OS): A window for dialogue?

  63. Dialog MCGHEE: Meaning get Mossadegh to agree to

  64. Dialog MCGHEE: talk to the Fraser gang?

  65. Dialog ACHESON: Yes.

  66. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: Uh!

  67. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: Are you dreaming, Dean?

  68. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: Even if we could get a diplomat

    safely into Tehran right now --
  69. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: which is doubtful --

  70. Dialog GENERAL BRADLEY: who in the world's good enough to

    cajole Mossadegh into that?
  71. None
  72. Dialog ACHESON: Harriman.

  73. Dialog TRUMAN: Harriman.

  74. None
  75. Dialog NARRATOR: W. Averill Harriman.

  76. Dialog NARRATOR: Yale Skull and Bones,

  77. Dialog NARRATOR: racer of Thoroughbreds,

  78. Dialog NARRATOR: director of the Marshall Plan in Europe --

  79. None
  80. None
  81. Dialog NARRATOR: Called "infallible" in diplomatic circles,

  82. Dialog NARRATOR: Harriman could talk the talons off a hawk

  83. Dialog NARRATOR: without disturbing a feather.