Recruit 2020

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March 07, 2019

Recruit 2020

In this talk Doug Berg shares what new technologies employers should consider to be ready for recruiting in the year 2020. New ways to find, engage, and assess talent are available to help companies to recruit in ways they could only dream of 10 years ago. Learn more about



March 07, 2019


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    RECRUIT 2020 Candidate Experience Still Sucks Candidates Are Smarter &

    Informed AI & Bots Are Coming Talent Stack Not Searchable Nor Integrated More Layers
 In Recruiting Stack Measuring 
 Is Confusing & Hard Platforms Were Supposed To Make Things Easier From Push 
 (Jobs/Apps) To Pull (Search/Soc)
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    RECRUIT 2020 Where Do You Search? Inside Our ATS Outside

    (Social or Boards) OR For Larger Companies 80% Of Hires Were Inside ATS
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    RECRUIT 2020 The Data You Need Us Under Your Nose

    Yr 1:140 Hires From Linkedin 5 Hires From ATS Yr 2: 150 Hires From Linkedin 172 Hires From NSA’s
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    Using AI To Identify age 44 (60%) attractive no (78%)

    bags under eyes yes (4%) bald yes (93%) beard yes (10%) big nose yes (54%) gray hair yes (90%) bushy eyebrows no (79%) chubby yes (78%) double chin yes (85%) expression smile (97%) gender male glasses yes gray hair yes (81%) oval face yes (21%) pale skin no (14%) race white receding hairline yes (82%) wavy hair no young no (80%)
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    RECRUIT 2020 ”Hi, I see you’re looking at the MAIN

    KITCHEN COOK I - FT job at our Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts property in Las Vegas…” ”Can I answer any questions for you about… 1. This job, 2. This location 3. Are you ready to apply now 4. Are you just looking today but would like to know about similar jobs in the future?”
  7. 63.

    RECRUIT 2020 You: 2. This location ALLYO: ”Great! This property

    is located at 3752 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV (map link) - do you live in Las Vegas?” You:No, but I'm moving there in about a month
  8. 64.

    RECRUIT 2020 ALLYO: ”Did you have any other questions regarding

    this location or are you ready to chat about other aspects of the job?” YOU: ”Is there on-site parking for workers?” ALLYO: ”There is dedicated parking available with transport for hospitality workers at this location, did you have any other questions?”
  9. 65.

    RECRUIT 2020 YOU: ”Do you cover any relocation costs for

    someone moving into the market?” ALLYO: ”Unfortunately, Hilton does not provide any relocation benefits for this level of job/position, are you still interested in discussing further?” YOU: ”Yes, sure"
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    RECRUIT 2020 ALLYO: ”Based on the requirements of the job

    you’re looking at, would you say that you are a good fit?… 1. Yes, I meet 100% of the requirements 2. Mostly, I meet most of the requirements 3. Not so much, I'm shooting the moon here, but am a quick learner" YOU: ”2. I meet most of them”
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    RECRUIT 2020 ALLYO: ”Are you currently working with another hotel

    or hospitality employer?” YOU: ”Yes, I work for Marriott in Chicago” ALLYO: ”Awesome! Hilton has hired many people who used to be with Marriott, and think you’d really like the Hilton culture.”
  12. 68.

    RECRUIT 2020 ALLYO: ”Would you like to begin the application

    process for this position OR should we help you find a better matching job, OR should we alert you next time something comes up similar to this job, location or property? 1. Apply, 2. Find Better Match, 3. Notify Me” YOU: ”3, Notify Me”
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    RECRUIT 2020 ALLYO: ”Great! Just to confirm with you, you

    would like to hear about future Kitchen or Cook jobs in the Las Vegas area?” Yes or Change? YOU: ”Yes” ALLYO: ”Awesome!, would you prefer an email or SMS?”
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    RECRUIT 2020 Convey IQ - No Black Hole 14X Higher

    Response Rate Refresh Resumes Thank You! Meet Your Recruiter Resume
 Viewed About This Location Instant Interviews Sorry Video Post Interview Surveys Interview Prep
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    Today… Should be… Dear Linnette, We can’t thank you enough

    for taking the time to apply for the Global Service Training position. This position comes open on average every 6 months, so we’ll let you know when it’s open next time so you can apply early. We’ve reviewed your background and found you were a 90% match for this position and should be a very strong possible candidate in the future. Please reply to this email if you’d like to get to know more about what it’s like to work here, or if you’d like to connect with the recruiter in this area. Until next time!
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    RECRUIT 2020 To help match and notify you to future

    possible opportunities To assist us with understanding what types of talent are in our market To better understand what candidates like you are interested in a career
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    GDPR/CDPR Workflow • Zap Contacts & Profiles • Creates Consent

    URL For Everyone • Blocks Download Or Engagement • If Already Zapped, Will Block • Send Consent Requests • Via Email, InMail, Social Messages • Includes Link For Each Person • 30 Day Limit Before Deleting Zap Contacts From Any Site Send Consent Requests Get Consent (Or Decline) For Contacts Send & Sync Contacts To Your Apps Yes / No Can we add your profile? Accept • Saves Consent • Enables Send Decline • Deletes Consent • Blocks Future Requests 1 2 3 4 ATS CRM RMP/HRMS • Branded portal • Your TOS/Privacy Info • Shows Person + Source/ Linkedin URL • 1-Click Consent /Decline
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    RECRUIT 2020 Wait! Don’t Engage We already have this person

    in our ATS o CRM Click Here To View In ATS
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    recruit 2020 Not just about assessing Talent… But also assessing…

    Your recruiters… Hiring managers… Hiring processes… Who you missed & why… Application utilization… Sources & methods…
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    RECRUIT 2020 •How many people visited your career site last

    month? •How many searched for jobs? •How many applied to jobs? •How many started the apply process, but abandoned? (do you have their data?) •How many applicants didn’t even get looked at? •How many applicants applied to jobs in 2018 that got jobs with your competitors? •Why didn’t you win them? •What’s the top 3 reasons that you lost talent last year?
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    RECRUIT 2020 What To Track? LinkedIn Indeed Google Facebook Monster

    GitHub Talent CRM Marketing ATS Career Site Resume Prep Email Contacts Interviews Productivity Dashboard
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    RECRUIT 2020 Why Are We Spending So Much On LinkedIn?

    Generic Response: • ”We just need it…” • ”Recruiters can’t do their job without it…” • ”Everyone’s on LinkedIn…” Specific Response: • We hired ### people from it last year • Our Recruiters interact with #,### every week on the site • 64% of our qualified applicants come from them
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    RECRUIT 2020 Personalized Informative Interactive Relational Connected Aware Pre-Interview Qualification

    & Assessment No Reqs Or Resumes Instant Interviews & Offers Multi Dimensional Measurement Interview Experience vs Process Systems Work For Us VS Us Working For Systems
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    RECRUIT 2020 SEARCH UTILITIES Hiring Solved Restless Bandit

    ZAPinfo Search CANDIDATE MKTG ConveyIQ LeadWorx ZAPinfo AI RECRUITING Allyo Wade & Wendy Mya Paradox PRODUCTIVITY ZAPinfo Checkster VIDEO/PERSONALIZE SundaySky Idoomoo