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Working The Talent Market In Turbulent Times

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April 10, 2020

Working The Talent Market In Turbulent Times

This was a webinar conducted by Doug Berg and ZapInfo on how to track LinkedIn profiles and people for who got laid off, is interested in new opportunities and how to inventory your talent profile of your company (and competitors) to show talent demographics.



April 10, 2020


  1. Working The Talent Market In Turbulent Times

  2. Today’s Presenter Doug Berg Founder & Chief Zapper doug@zapinfo.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglasberg/

    Founder Of Several Talent Tech Companies (Jobs2Web, Techies.com, MyAlerts, ZapInfo, HotGigs) Investor/Advisor To Many Talent Tech Companies (Allyo, ConveyIQ Acquired By Entelo, VidGrid, Docalytics, Tethr)
  3. Today’s Webinar: Some of the things that you'll learn on

    this webinar: • How to track talent on for layoffs or when "open to opportunities" • Xray your company's talent matrix ◦ Create a current organization intelligence report/footprint (free Google sheet/model for you) • Analyze your competitors employee matrix • Take snapshots of LinkedIn Insights of company profiles ◦ See trends of jobs/hiring and employees/hires • Using social mining to monitor layoffs ◦ Performing strategic outreach to impacted candidates • Campaign ideas on how to build talent pipelines in turbulent times • Optimized ZapInfo accounts for higher volume projects ◦ Special offers during the pandemic
  4. Greatest Swing In Talent Market

  5. Greatest Swing In Talent Market

  6. Search Open To Jobs + Alerts

  7. Get Insights

  8. Monitor Profiles For Changes

  9. Monitor Profiles For Changes

  10. Monitor Profiles For Changes

  11. Monitor Profiles For Changes

  12. Monitor Sites For Changes

  13. Monitoring LinkedIn for Changes Setup Watchlist In ZapInfo Add Profiles

    To The Watchlist Re-Zap Profiles Every Day/Week Filter To See Who’s Changed
  14. Monitoring LinkedIn for Changes

  15. Monitoring LinkedIn for Changes Before:

  16. Filtering For Change Events

  17. Send Personalized Messages Easy

  18. Send Personalized Messages Easy

  19. Inventory / Xray Your Companies Talent

  20. Inventory / Xray Your Companies Talent

  21. Harvest Your Employees Profiles 21

  22. Building Your Insights Dashboard

  23. View Talent Inventory Insights 23

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  27. Building Your Insights Dashboard

  28. Get & Track Insights

  29. Zap Company Insights

  30. Monitor Job Posting Activity

  31. Monitor Job Posting Activity

  32. Monitor Job Posting Activity

  33. Monitor Job Posting Activity

  34. Finding Who’s Been Laid Off

  35. Need Free/Affordable Recruiting Tools? SUPREME $100 / month 5,000 Active

  36. Get Started If You’d Like The 5,000 Active User Plan

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