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ZAPinfo HRTX Dallas

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April 04, 2019

ZAPinfo HRTX Dallas

This was the presentation of ZAPinfo for the HRTX event at Dallas. Please email us at sales@zapinfo.io if you'd like more information, or download our trial at www.zapinfo.io



April 04, 2019


  1. Information Automation

  2. You 5x More Productive Saves Recruiters Hours Per Day Exchange

    Data With 2-Clicks Get 5x More Out Of Sourcing Sites Measure Recruiting Results & ROI Build Talent Pipelines Faster Deliver Better Candidate Experience
  3. How We Improve Productivity Job Postings 20 Minutes 2 Minutes

    Candidate Search Contact Research 1-2 Hours 10-20 Minutes Candidate Outreach 1-2 Hours 10-20 Minutes 1-2 Hours 10-20 Minutes Data Entry & Sync 1-2 Hours 10-20 Minutes Resume Prep, Intro & Feedback 1-2 Hours 10-20 Minutes
  4. Recruiters Are All Over The Place

  5. What’s Most Important To You? Getting 5x More Out Of

    Linkedin Use Getting 10x More Out Of Resume Search Increasing Sourcing + Search Skills Remove Admin Work From Recruiters Automating Outreach To Prospects Measuring Results Of Sourcing Activity Drive App Adoption For Our ATS/CRM Simplify & Combine Tools We Use Update Info Within ATS & CRM Import Lists To Find Contact Info Speed Delivery Of Profiles To Managers Make Posting Jobs 10x Faster Enhance Diversity Recruiting Share Data Faster Between My Apps Use Facebook For Recruiting
  6. ZAPinfo Technical Overview Enrich Extract Engage Exchange • Extract Contacts

    • Extract Profiles & Resumes • Extract Jobs & Company Info • Find Email Addresses • Find Social Profiles • Find Phone/Address Info • Send Email • Send Social Messages • Send SMS • Zap To Apps • Export To CSV/PDF • Zap To API ZAPBoard Most ATS Most CRM Most Marketing Apps • Email sent from local mail client • Social messages from user account • SMS sent from user account • Most job boards/resume search • Most social & search sites • Most web pages with contacts • Uses multiple API lookup services • Uses highest confidence data • May require 1-click lookup on sites • Can Zap single or multiple records • Export template formats saved • API’s require keys/integration Enrich Explore • Zap Any Job • Auto Creates Searches • Finds Matching Talent • Creates boolean search strings • Supports most sites • Shows new sources of talent
  7. Makes Zapping Data Easy Job Sites & Classifieds Search Engines

    Social Networks Web & Career Sites CSV Lists, PDF Files CRM + Mktg Platforms ATS & Hiring Tools HR & On-Boarding
  8. Zap Jobs + Build Search

  9. Zap Extract Info

  10. Zap Enrich & Lookup

  11. Zap Engage

  12. Zap Profile & Exchange

  13. Zapping Into Any ATS/CRM

  14. Zap Facebook

  15. Zap Facebook

  16. Extract & Enrich Contacts

  17. Extract & Enrich Contacts

  18. Automated Engagement With just a few clicks you can send

    personalized social messages to every user that yield 5x higher response rates than using InMail & helps build recruiters networks.
  19. Automated Engagement You can create and send personalized email with

    just 1 click to any user. These are send from your recruiters email account and should be sync’d with any CRM application.
  20. Automated Engagement Works on all social networks including Facebook, Twitter,

    Instagram, or anywhere that social messaging is allowed.
  21. Zapping Out Of Any Site ZAPinfo can detect contact information

    on a page, and will convert the web page into a spreadsheet like document that you can import into your ZAPboard with any coding.
  22. Zapping Out Of Any Site

  23. Zapping Out Of Any Site ZAPinfo will extract all of

    the contacts from any page, and then enrich their data to find their social profiles and contact information with just 2-clicks. Attendee lists, speaker lists, conference lists, alumni lists, employee directories and more.
  24. Import & Update Data If you have a spreadsheet or

    CSV list of names you can easily import them into your ZAPboard using our easy import feature.
  25. Import & Update Data You can import using CSV or

    Copy/Paste of data and ZAPinfo will automatically enrich each contact to find social profiles, and with Company information will find most email addresses.
  26. ZAP Enrich Inside Your App

  27. ZAP LI Projects

  28. Recruiting Guides

  29. GDPR/CDPR Workflow

  30. GDPR/CDPR Workflow

  31. GDPR/CDPR Workflow • Zap Contacts & Profiles • Creates Consent

    URL For Everyone • Blocks Download Or Engagement • If Already Zapped, Will Block • Send Consent Requests • Via Email, InMail, Social Messages • Includes Link For Each Person • 30 Day Limit Before Deleting Zap Contacts From Any Site Send Consent Requests Get Consent (Or Decline) For Contacts Send & Sync Contacts To Your Apps Yes / No Can we add your profile? Accept • Saves Consent • Enables Send Decline • Deletes Consent • Blocks Future Requests 1 2 3 4 ATS CRM RMP/HRMS • Branded portal • Your TOS/Privacy Info • Shows Person + Source/ Linkedin URL • 1-Click Consent /Decline
  32. ZAP Aware Wait! Don’t Engage We already have this person

    in our ATS o CRM Click Here To View In ATS
  33. Great Sourcing Insights

  34. Great Sourcing Insights

  35. Great Sourcing Insights

  36. Great Sourcing Insights Talent CRM Marketing ATS Career Site Resume

    Prep Email Contacts Interviews Productivity Dashboard LinkedIn Indeed Google Facebook Monster GitHub
  37. Partner Consideration Process 1st Call Follow Up Info Team

    Trial With Key Users Support: Weekly Check In’s Debrief: Review Results Propose: Users, Types, Apps Zap Maps Setup & Train Users Insure Data Flows Launch: Onboard, Train, Support API/Integrate Train/Support Reporting MSA/SOW Service Order Use Cases Results Desired Activity/Stats User Reaction
  38. Less Than This Per Day Affordable Pricing