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company profile_zeals

B908e45d114fdce4fa43fe4f3284f65c?s=47 Zeals.inc
July 14, 2021

company profile_zeals

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July 14, 2021

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  1. As of 1st July 2021

  2. About Zeals 1 Our Services 2 Our Team 3 Our

    Work Style 4 Team members Zeals is looking for 5 CONTENTS
  3. None
  4. Realizing the Omotenashi revolution which will revitalize customer services through

    digitalization is the ultimate goal we are working towards with communication technologies established by our chatbot. Omotenashi, Japanʼs world-famous customer service, will support clients facing change with chatbot technologies developed by our global team members in order to create a new norm for customer service.
  5. Good things come from giving it your all Never settle

    for the established norm Teamwork is the heart of achievement
  6. The spirit of「Omotenashi」is something everyone at Zeals possesses. Although the

    word Omotenashi means heartfelt hospitality, we believe that it essentially represents the three elements below. Respond in the speed of light SPEED Commitment beyond expectation PLUS ONE Accept and appreciate differences RESPECT
  7. We are looking for passionate team members who are willing

    to create the Omotenashi revolution with us. From Japan to the world! From CHATBOTS to Doraemon! Weʼll make it happen! What does Zeals do? We're a "Robotics Company". We'd like to invent and deliver loving robots like Doraemon that can expand people's possibilities all over the world. The first step towards this future of inventing Doraemon is the development of CHATBOTS, which is exactly what we've been working on. The word CHATBOT comes from "Chat" and "Bot" (an abbreviation of robot). CHATBOTS are the core technology of communication robots. Weʻre starting the “Omotenashi Revolution” to digitalize the great customer service and hospitality experience in Japan by bringing this CHATBOT technology and service to companies from various industries.
  8. Company name Founded in Capital Location contact address CEO Zeals

    Co., Ltd April 1, 2014 100 million yen KANO Building 4F, 1-25-1 Nishi- Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031, Japan info@zeals.co.jp Masahiro Shimizu
  9. Our Services


  11. Rapid growth of Chat Commerce development since the pandemic of

    COVID19 Since Cyber Agent funding x5 Sales growth of Zeals
  12. Chat Commerce is a solution with which end users can

    receive services, including purchasing merchandise and making reservations, while having conversations with AI on chat apps like LINE and Facebook. Zeals’ Chat Commerce serves approximately 400 companies and has served over 4.3 million end users so far with analysis of data from 450 million conversations (as of March 2021). Chat Commerce CHAT COMMERCE
  13. Zeals’ Chat Commerce serves businesses in a variety of industries

    from travel, cosmetic and beauty salons to financial services. Our clients
  14. “Re-innovation of processes instead of tools” OMOTENASHI DX

  15. End user booking process It provides an optimized customer services

    process regardless of time and place. Our clients
  16. Car owner booking process for vehicle inspections It optimizes the

    customer services process and provides sales assistance with new customer services Our clients
  17. Media coverage Zeals media appearances

  18. Our Teams

  19. Members Masahiro is from Okayama and decided to devote his

    passion to “Propelling the revolution” after the Great East Earthquake. After founding Zeals Co., Ltd. in April 2014 while studying at Meiji University, he was honored with a nomination to Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Enterprise Technology in March 2018. After studying about the interactions between humans and machines and receiving his Ph.D. from Kyoto University, Ryuta joined Freak-Out, an ad technology company, prior to working at Zeals. He was selected as the first LINE Frontliner in 2020 and received the HI Symposium award of excellence. Keito was born in 1999 and met programming when he was in primary school. While studying at Azabu High School, he joined Zeals, which was a robot venture at that time, as an intern. He has been leading development projects in the engineering team alongside promoting AI research development as CTO since 2019. Masahiro Shimizu Ryuta Endo Keito Sato CEO COO CTO
  20. Members Hideo is a certified public accountant who served as

    a CFO in a medical device venture, and was responsible for the financing and operation of grants of over 2 billion JPY prior to joining Zeals. He also served as an auditor for the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, corporation law and IPO preparation in a major audit corporation. Hideo graduated from Keio University. Satoru Sasahara HR Manager Maki Wakamatsu As a lawyer belonging to Daini Tokyo Bar Association, Maki served in corporate law to support compliance management at Hibiya Park Law Offices. She joined Zeals in October 2020 as an in-house lawyer and founded the legal division. Maki graduated from Hitotsubashi University School of Law. Operating Officer Legal Yusuke Watanabe After working in MUFG Bank and receiving his MBA at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Yusuke joined J.P. Morgan Japan in 2008 to serve in financing for banking institutions, general trading companies and funds and M&A advisory projects. Prior to joining the M&A advisory group at Morgan Stanley Securities in 2016, he also served as an M&A Manager at Japanese financial institution Cross Border in 2015. He was the first member at two major American IR companies as Japanese subsidiary vice president and was responsible for development in Japan after the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill was passed. After serving as a founding director of Human Capital Technology, a joint venture with Recruit, Daisuke joined Zeals in November 2020. His career started in marketing strategy at Cyber Agent in 2006, where he launched new business developments prior to serving as a manager in personnel administration. Hideo Ito Director Daisuke Watanabe Satoru has been responsible for HR at Zeals since August 2020. He strengthened his leadership skills through past experiences in sales, new business development, engineering, solution development and management at overseas bases in Recruit, Works Applications, and mega ventures such as Abema TV. He graduated from Hitotsubashi University. Corporate Strategy
  21. Members Akihiro Matsuda Outside director Former CEO at Credit Saison

    Co., Ltd. Adviser Adviser Adviser Adviser Yoshimi Mabuchi Former corporate executive officer at Facebook Japan Masahiro Yasuda Manager of propulsion system at ZOZO Technologies, Inc. Satoshi Sekine Pioneer in natural language processing research Naoya Kanesaka CEO at Money Forward Synca, Inc.
  22. Zeals in numbers Staff It will increase up to about

    300 by December 2021 197 As of 1st April 2021 (including part time workers) 81% Number of full-time employees as of April 1 Although Zeals is often recognized as a young start, up the number of mid-career transfers - mostly from mega ventures - has been increasing. Business development has been particularly fortified. 6:4 Gender ration As of 1st April 2021 (including part time workers) 19% Mid-career recruitment Hiring new graduates
  23. Zeals in numbers Engineer Communication Designer Corporate HR Account planner

    Occupational composition Of all employees are engineers, which makes Zeals a technology company. Moreover half of them are foreign citizens from 18 countries! As of March 2021. Approximately 180 staffs excluding executives. 34%
  24. Our Work Style

  25. Structure to support 54.6 New employee eNPS Higher than Google

    HQ and Facebook HQ (Target: members joining in October 2020) pt 63.7 % 27.3% 63.7% of staff who are willing to recommend Zeals to friends and acquaintances and +54.6pt of eNPS score. It demonstrates that we maintain high engagement from the employees. Average at generous Japanese companies score between 50 to 60pt. We scored the top amongst start ups who also scored relatively high. We install new systems that encourage the team to work towards big challenges without burdens. OMOTENASHIP is our first welcoming message at onboarding to help new members preparing them to shine. 9.1% a method for measuring how willing the employees are to recommend their workplace to friends and acquaintances eNPS Strong recommender
  26. Efforts to "support" the challenge BoardingPASS At Zeals, everyday we

    act and challenge based on our vision. This award is an important event for all of us as it is when team members who understand and embody this vision are awarded and celebrated - who knows, it could be you!!! WAtZ Gesshokai- monthly meeting This is where our CEO and COO welcome new members with huge gratitude. Attendees are also welcome to ask them questions about the company history, their backgrounds, and even personal interests including hobbies. Zeals is always open to chit chat! It is natural to feel nervous when entering an unknown environment, especially prior to joining a new company. We are always here to help you remove the burden, and on Slack your future colleagues welcome you and share with you the mission and values that they cherish. Zeals Will Award At Zeals, everyday we act and challenge based on our vision. This award is an important event for all of us as it is when team members who understand and embody this vision are awarded and celebrated - who knows, it could be you!!!
  27. Flextime Commuting and rental allowance Social insurance Annual paid holiday

    Periodical health examination Summer holiday Special leave for weddings and funerals, condolence money and celebration Maternity and nursing leave Interview with industrial physician Special holiday
  28. ワークスペース CHAT COMMERCE welcomes you at the reception. ˙Zeals Garage

    This is a symbolic wall at the office where new members write their passions when joining Zeals. ˙;FBMT(BSBHF ▪ Reception ˙Will Board ▪ Workspace ▪ Meetingspace
  29. Team members Zeals is looking for


  31. HR Manager Executive Interview Interview Interview We invite participants to

    Monthly meeting “Gesshokai” and other opportunities to understand team culture by communicating with members. (The screening flow is just an example) 1 2 3 Employment screening flow
  32. Look forward to hearing from you! Zeals Recruit Wantedly