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About Rapyuta Robotics 2023.4

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1. About Rapyuta Robotics 2. Why We Do 3. Product 4. Culture 5. Videos & Pictures Contents

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1. About Rapyuta Robotics

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Rapyuta Robotics is a spin-off from ETH Zürich, which has produced many famous researchers including Einstein.

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5 Making robotics attainable and useful for anyone. we are developing and providing solutions for "" the advanced cloud robotics platform.

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Company Information Name Rapyuta Robotics Address Tokyo office: 4-10-5, Hirano, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 135-0023 Bengaluru office: 1082, 12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Doopanahalli, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038 India Founders Co-Founder & CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah Co-Founder & CFO :  Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy Since July 2nd, 2014 Employee Around 160 members Fundraising Over 81 million USD (Main Investors: Goldman Sachs, GLP, Sony, Yasukawa) 180

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US Office Opening

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Founders Gajan Mohanarajah Co-Founder and CEO Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy Co-Founder and CFO Conceptualized and developed Rapyuta, for RoboEarth, an EU funded project that pioneered an internet for robots. Led the Cubli project in 2013, recording more than 10 million views on YouTube. Ph.D. from ETH Zurich in 2014 and M.Eng/B.Eng from Tokyo Institute of Technology. A.Eng from Kurume National College of Technology, Japan. Former founding Partner & CIO at Fund of Tokyo, a global macro hedge fund. Worked for Nomura Securities, as an equity derivatives analyst. M.A. from Columbia Univ. and B.Eng. from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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Main Partners & Awards Main Investors Main Clients Main Awards Main Partners

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History(Before establishment) Gajan went to ETH Zurich to continue his cutting-edge research in robotics. Arul went to Columbia University to hone his finance skills. Gajan and Arul came to Japan from Sri Lanka to study robot control engineering. Pursue different careers Gajan and Arul were in Japan for a conference. They meet again in Japan, and Arul was impressed by the software advances of cutting-edge robot “Cubli”, developed by Gajan. 2005 2009/2010 2013 2014 Rapyuta Robotics was born as an official spin-off of ETH Zurich! First time in Japan Miraculous Reunion Started their company

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History(After establishment) Established a branch in India. Started development of platform and the world's most advanced drone solution. Because of the legislation and the speed of drone market, pivoted to PA-AMR robots for logistics warehouses, which have a greater impact on society. Started providing the platform for the development of AI forklifts for logistics warehouse 2015-2017 2018 2019 2020 PA-AMR is now in operation at Nippon Express and Sagawa Global Logistics warehouses! We are striving to expand our market in Japan and around the world. Go Live! Open Bangalore branch! Focus on PA-AMR Start offering Expanding our business

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2. Why We Do

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A major challenge in society Source:* Industrial robotics: Insights into the sector's future growth dynamics (Mckinsey & Company July 2019) In warehouses, factories, and other distribution sites. Most of the 3D work (demanding, dirty, dangerous) is undertaken by people.

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1. Large capital investment 2. Only simple tasks 3. Cannot cooperate with other robots As a result, only 5% of the tasks have been automated. Challenges of robotics automation up to now

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To be the Android of the Robot World Collaboration of various robots Various robots Software platform In the robot world, we aim to create a world where various robots can cooperate with each other on the rapyuta i.o platform.

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3. About Our Products

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Our Core Products 17 Rapyuta ASRS Automated Wharehouse rapyuta io Cloud Robotics Platform Autonomous Forklift Rapyuta AFL AMR Rapyuta PA-AMR

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Slide 18 text Cloud Robotics Platform * Pioneers in the field of Cloud Robotics, 2009~14, €5.6mln. Media: BBC | Web-based brain for robots goes live, IEEE | Cloud Robotics Engine Goes Live with Rapyuta Group Control AI Navigation Perception Simulation Group Control AI (Core Technology) platform  Group Control AI Robot Development Process * Using group control AI technology, development, implementation and operation of multiple types of robot solutions are now possible in a single package. Development・Operation・Platform Platform Solution-Speci fic Software Hardware Integration

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Through multiple different robots recognize each other's position and situation in real time, and and change their routes and speeds to the most appropriate ones. As a result, labor-saving and efficient cargo transportation work is realized. For example

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And of course, we're developing our own robots!

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The latest robot solutions which Improve the productivity of picking operation, reduce the burden on workers and solve the problem of labor shortage. Rapyuta PA-AMR (Collaborative Pick Assist Robots) Features 1. Easy to install at existing sites, no need for large capital investment 2. Cost reduction through labor saving and efficiency improvement 3. Group control of robots is possible through

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Productivity has about more than doubled since its introduction. Our clients have already seen the effects in many sites. (Movie Link) Our Clients

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Company A Company B Other 19.8% 11.9% 19.3% Rapyuta Robotics 49.0% Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Research,Service Robot Solution Market Forecast 2023 Edition Rapyuta PA-AMR is recognized as No.1 sales share in pick assist AMR market for 2 consecutive years. ※18.4-point increase compared to the previous year Rapyuta PA-AMR: #1 in Japan 67.4% 20.0% 6.6% 6.0% FY2022 Rapyuta Robotics Company A Others Company B

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Moving forward Rapyuta 1.0 : 2014 ~ 2020 we have developed our core product, the platform and solutions through a process of trial and error in order to achieve our mission. Rapyuta 2.0 : 2021~ Introducing solution to many companies around the world, we would like to realize a society where many tasks are automated.

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Awards Gathering multinational engineers with a wide range of skill sets including hardware, software, and AI. We have received numerous awards for the high level of technology and business potential of its products. Innovation Program Grand Prize February 2019 Got a second place from 230 companies at Open CV Competition Nov 2020 Mizuho Innovation Award January 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Rising Azure Technology Award August 2021 NEDO President's Award at the University Venture Awards 2021 August 2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Metropolitan Venture Technology Award October 2022 Tokyo Metropolitan Venture Technology Award Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award In 9th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award January 2023

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We have received high praise from public institutions for our development results to date and future development prospects. We have received grants from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, NEDO, and Kyoto Sangyo 21. Subsidies Next Generation Artificially Intelligent Robot Core Technology Subsidy amount 6 million yen Project to Promote the Development of Collaborative Domain Data Sharing and AI Systems for the Promotion of Connected Industries Subsidy amount: 170 million yen Small and Medium Enterprise Manufacturing Support Project Subsidy amount 24.1 million yen Innovation for the Future TOKYO Project Subsidy amount: 500 million yen *

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4. About Our Culture

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Our Core Values Simplicity With a holistic understanding and attention to detail, we reduce and organize to keep things accessible and nimble. Drive We keep learning to get better at what we do and give each other the autonomy to operate. Fearlessness We take big and calculated risks without agonizing and create an environment that is safe to fail. Empathy We walk the extra mile to better understand the material, emotional, and intellectual needs and pain of all related people.. Openness We actively seek out to include diverse points of view and collaborate to produce better results. First Principles We break things down to its fundamental truths and reason up from there to build optimal and authentic solutions.

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We have about 170 employees in our Tokyo, Bangalore and the U.S. offices. About 25 different nationalities are represented! Multinational members Australian Brazilian British Canadian Chinese French German Indian Indonesian Japanese Malaysian Mexican Spanish Sri Lankan Swiss Turkish American Vietnamese Finnish Swedish and more!

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Every month, new members are joining us from around the world! Percentage by job type (Tokyo Office: approx. 140) Engineer 56.7% Corporate 11% Business 32.3% Engineer 53.2% Business 37.4% Corporate 9.4%

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We’ve been awarded 2nd place at the LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 two years in a row! LinkedIn Top Startups Second Place! TEDX Youth BSフジ この国の行く末2 Culture Series Vol.4 We’ve been awarded 2nd place at the LinkedIn Top Startups 2022!

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5. Videos&Pictures

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A comprehensive introduction to Rapyuta Robotics from the perspective of our two founders! They mention the social problems we are encouraged to solve and the future we are aiming for. ーKey pointsー ● The thoughts of the two founders and their vision for the future ● The history of Rapyuta from its establishment in 2014 to now ● Rapyuta's cherished culture and core values. 【Company introduction video】(Spoken Language:English) Culture Series Vol.6 Created two videos to introduce the company and culture

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Three engineers who have been playing a pivotal role in Rapyuta speak in this video. We are developing by learning each other and going beyond language barriers. ーKey pointsー ● An exciting environment where an employee in their first year of employment leads development with the support of other members. ● What kind of engineers work at Rapyuta? ● The past and present of Rapyuta, as expressed by the first employee ● The priority of skills is "development technical skills > English language skills". 【Work Culture Video】(Spoken Language:Japanese)

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Both software and hardware are developed in-house, and there is a demo space in the office, so it is a stimulating environment where you can always come into contact with the latest technology. Cutting-Edge Robots Technology

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We holds a monthly All-hands meeting where all employees participate, which embodies one of our six core values –Openness. These meetings enable us to clarify our targets and objectives for the future. After the meeting, we hold an in-house party called a “Company Meetup” to provide new opportunities for cross-squad interaction. All-hands meeting and Company meet up Culture Series Vol.5 All-hands meeting and Company meetup

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The official language is English, so you can make use of your English skills in a global environment while being in Japan. There is also a language learning assistance program, we will continue to support members! Global Environment in Japan Culture Series Vol.2 Retreat in 2022

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As a leader in the world of Robotics, we are the Gold sponsor of Roscon 2022. Gold Sponsor of ROSCon 2022 Rapyuta Robotics at ROSCon 2022!

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About Product, Vision, and Culture If you want to know more, watch our videos! Learning from videos TEDX Youth BSフジ この国の行く末2

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Empowering Lives With Connected Machines “ ”

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Join us!

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