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Architectural Clash

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Francesco Strazzullo (AKA Strazz) - [email protected] - - - - Ego Slide

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Which project do you prefer? Photo by Loren Gu on Unsplash Photo by Valeriy Kryukov on Unsplash

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Legacy Code

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Valuable Code that everyone Hates

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How do we try to tackle legacy code?

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Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

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Photo by George Bonev on Unsplash

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Who do we blame when a refactoring process fails?

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“Programming is a social activity” Robert C. Martin

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Introducing Architectural Clash

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Architectural Clash is a two day workshop that helps team to define a Roadmap

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Start with why

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Learn By Doing

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Majo statt Senf [CC BY-SA 4.0 (] Kai Zen

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Continuous Improvement with small steps

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Vestibulum congue tempus Sense Making Clash Decide

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Phase 1: Sense Making

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Duration: ~4 hours People Involved: Management, Tech Team and Stakeholders

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Explore the context of your software

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Try to write a list of business needs and prioritize it

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➔ Less bugs in production ➔ Increase Velocity for new features ➔ Easy Onboarding ➔ Easier Recruitment ➔ Don’t miss the deadline Examples of Business Needs

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Yes, but how to write this list?

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➔ Retrospective ➔ Lean Value Tree ➔ Impact Mapping ➔ SWOT Analysis ➔ Tradeoff Slider ➔ Lego Serious Play Exercises

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From the business needs try to extract a list of experiments that will increase the code quality

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➔ Extract the core domain to a separate micro service ➔ Automate the build with CI ➔ Remove AngularJS and use Web Components for the frontend ➔ Remove Tomcat and use Spring Boot for our JVM application Example of Experiments

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Business needs should be the Why behind technical decisions

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Phase 2: Clash

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No content

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Duration: ~8 hours People Involved: Tech Team

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Learn from Code

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Bring all your tech team together and bring someone that doesn’t know the code at all

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Split the group in very small teams (two or three people) and work on different experiments for 45 minutes

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At the end of the 45 minutes bring all the team together to exchange the results for 15 minutes

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Every team should write an outcome answering these questions and put it on the wall ● What did we do? ● What did we learned? ● Did we encounter any roadblock?

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Repeat until the time ends

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Remember that the purpose of the experiment is to learn, not to solve the problem

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Phase 3: Decide

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Duration: ~4 hours People Involved: Management and Tech Team

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From every outcome, try to extract an action and put them on an Change Options Canvas

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No content

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Create your refactoring roadmap

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Repeat the Architectural Clash after six months

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Vestibulum congue tempus Why How What

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if in 45 minutes I’m not able to learn anything on the problem?

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I can’t convince the management to be part of this workshop. Is this a problem?

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How do people feel after this kind of workshop?

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Is there any material if I want to prepare this workshop for my company?

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Thanks! Francesco Strazzullo [email protected]