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My talk is not going to... #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Blow your mind about some new technical SEO wizardry

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Teach you anything new about Google #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Or fundamentally change your overall SEO strategy #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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You are already doing awesome SEO work #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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But you are curious #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect How can you do more?

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What is the next level of performance? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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We’ve been testing some ideas #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect I want you all to be a part of this

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As I truly believe understanding humans will make us all better at SEO #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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So my talk today is going to... #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Help re-invigorate your editorial flare

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Whilst keeping SEO at the forefront

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We don’t speak like that, do we? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect I’m going to make you think differently about content

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Give you a new focus

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A human focus #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Why? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Without this, you are failing your audience

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Economists have realised that people don’t always respond predictably or rationally to things like price and value #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Neuroscientists have discovered that all decisions are ‘weighed up’ emotionally – even logical ones

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Digital Marketing has become so measurable #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Is this focus at the expense of content? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Let’s talk about humans

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Google mimics humans better than ever before

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Who am I describing? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Skepta Prince William #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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We are all different #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect So we need to start thinking about the human behind the search phrase

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We all get wrapped up in the algorithm

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And we forget that to truly be good as SEO’s we need to spark action from the users #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect So what am I actually going to tell you?

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We’re going to look at neuro- driven content

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We’re going to cover 4 types of language #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Firstly, uninspiring language #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect And you’ll be amazed how often it is used.

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect I bet most of us are criminal of the video I played earlier

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Your content needs to be sticky #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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It needs to be memorable #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect It needs to evoke emotion

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Secondly, the balance between self obsessed and self less language

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We’re going to explore the difference between content that is ‘inside out’ versus ‘outside in’

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Thirdly, static versus dynamic language

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect You may not realise it, but through content we have a lot of power

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Let me take you to Florida

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#BrightonSEO Actually, let me introduce you to John Bargh who in 1996 ran an experiment that has become known as the Florida Effect @BeckyReflect

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Group one #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Group two Bald, wrinkled, arthritis, Florida, forgetful Random words

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect And finally visual, auditory and kinesthetic language

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What did you think of BrightonSEO? @BeckyReflect A It was great to watch the presentations at BrightonSEO today, I saw so many great talks. B It was great to listen to the presentations today, I heard so many great new ideas. C I got so much from the presentations today, I feel re- energised about my SEO strategy. #BrightonSEO

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VAK #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Visual “I see what you mean” Kinesthetic “It feels to me like…” Auditory “I hear what you’re saying”

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We’re going to learn how to master content that sparks emotion and action

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It is like Christmas today #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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? words ? words ? words SCORE ? SCORE ? SCORE ?

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Ford Mustang

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SCORE Fine Ford Mustang

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SCORE Fine SCORE Static Ford Mustang

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SCORE Fine SCORE Selfish SCORE Static Ford Mustang

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4 words 8 words 4 words SCORE Fine SCORE Selfish SCORE Static Ford Mustang

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Porsche 911 Carrera

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SCORE Boring Porsche 911 Carrera

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SCORE Boring SCORE Static Porsche 911 Carrera

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SCORE Boring SCORE Selfish SCORE Static Porsche 911 Carrera

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16 words 0 words 5 words SCORE Boring SCORE Selfish SCORE Static Porsche 911 Carrera

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Compare The Market

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Compare The Market SCORE Engaging

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Compare The Market SCORE Engaging SCORE Dynamic

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Compare The Market SCORE Engaging SCORE Selfless SCORE Dynamic

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Compare The Market 4 words 3 words 0 words SCORE Engaging SCORE Selfless SCORE Dynamic

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect To add to all of this, we thought about our own interactions

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And how we can link these human centric principles with our outreach #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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As SEO’s we are often trying to get the attention of very hard to reach and very busy people... #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Slide 79 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Journalists

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And we want them to take action, we want them to cover our story and most importantly to LINK to us! #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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So we decided it would be helpful for all of us if we got to know them better #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect And here is a sneak peak at our next experiment

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So we built Your Inside Story #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 84

Slide 84 text #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect The Storyteller The Thought Leader The Truth Hunter The News Hound

Slide 85

Slide 85 text #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect What if? How? Why? What?

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 87

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What does this mean? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We have to remember not to just think about our story, but what our story means to the journalist.

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We have to remember not to just think about our story, but what our story means to the journalist. #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect human

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We know Journalists are #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Time poor Busy Stretched Looking for their next story

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So, how can you resonate more? #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect How can you grab their attention and hold it?

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect How can you evoke emotion?

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If you are curious to know more #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Make sure you rate my talk and let’s hope KELVIN invites me back in April Rate my talk on the Brighton SEO app

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Top 10 tips To drive SEO performance and conversion #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Be more descriptive and fun. Play with your language, humans find descriptive words more engaging to read. TIP 1

Slide 98

Slide 98 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Think about bringing emotion to your content. What feelings does your product or service evoke, can you use this? TIP 2

Slide 99

Slide 99 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Be outside in, not inside out. Think about your audience’s challenges and needs first, before broadcasting what you do. TIP 3

Slide 100

Slide 100 text

Think about context not just explaining the features. What is the impact? TIP 4 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 101

Slide 101 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Consider how you can include visual language. E.g. see, show, dream, horizon, observe, foresee etc. TIP 5

Slide 102

Slide 102 text

Consider how you can include auditory language. E.g. announce, hear, mention, state, tell, listen etc. TIP 6 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 103

Slide 103 text

Consider how you can include kinesthetic language. E.g. feel, motion, build, support, foundation, active etc. TIP 7 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 104

Slide 104 text

Balance Remember Google understands context more than ever before. Ensuring the right balance between human first content and the right signals for Google is imperative. TIP 8 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 105

Slide 105 text

Outreach Remember you are attracting the attention of a human. Think about their desire to tell a story and show impact. TIP 9 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 106

Slide 106 text

Through content you have the power to affect your user’s behaviour - be aware of this TIP 10 #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Let me tie this altogether

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We’ve learnt about #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Language, but not in a boring English lesson way, we’ve learnt...

Slide 110

Slide 110 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We need to use more colourful language to be sticky, memorable, and to evoke emotion

Slide 111

Slide 111 text

We need to balance ourselves and our audience #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 112

Slide 112 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect We need to balance the why and what of the current situation with the future and the so what. We need to balance the detail and the context.

Slide 113

Slide 113 text #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect The Storyteller The Thought Leader The Truth Hunter The News Hound Remember our journalist profiles

Slide 114

Slide 114 text

Finally, we need to be conscious to use a variety of visual, auditory and kinesthetic language. #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Slide 115 text

On that note... #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

Slide 116

Slide 116 text

It has been great to see you all today. #BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect

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Slide 117 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect Thank you for listening. I really hope you have heard at least one thing that you can implement on Monday.

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Slide 118 text

#BrightonSEO @BeckyReflect I hope I have been able to shift your view on content And that I have made an impact on how you think and interact with others.

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#BrightonSEO Download the slides Rate your content If you are a journalist, take our test @BeckyReflect Thank you