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Capstone II Concept Update Noel Nuñez Capstone II 1.16.24

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Table of Contents 1 Original Concept 2 Feedback 3 User Scenario 4 Production Timeline 5 Demo

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01 Original Concept

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This Capstone project endeavors to create a “tech-meets-art” experience by integrating hand-drawn animation with passthrough virtual reality technology to tell an immersive story. A physical set will be built as the base for the experience, allowing for paintings, photographs, and other objects to serve as anchors in the space. Users with XR devices reveal an unseen layer of interactive reality that seamlessly integrate into the experience. Original Concept Statement

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● 2D + 3D Animation ● Interactive narrative ● Substantial experience ● The “human touch” ● Tactile ● Immersive Opportunity Framing Personal Requirements Industry Requirements ● Unity or Unreal Engine technology ● Virtual or Augmented reality ● Professional presentation ● Seamless experience

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Hardware ● Meta Quest 3 or Pro ○ Passthrough VR capabilities Primary Device Choice Alternate Device ● Handheld personal cellular device ○ Augmented reality instead of virtual reality

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02 Proposal Feedback

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● Unsatisfactory display of a clear mastery of interactive media design or development. ● Project seems to be an opportunity to showcase traditional animation skills, with a little bit of interactive media. ● Reads as a set of skills in pursuit of a project, instead of a worthwhile project. ● Much of the language and opportunity framing read as uncommitted and buzzy over substantive and clear. ● It’s not clear that it will demonstrate mastery of the fine art of interactive media (i.e. the MFA). ● It feels like you are most interested in the technology, but aren’t sure what story you want to tell or what experience you are going to offer. ● For this reason this feels a little bit unresolved and needs more decisions resolved before going into capstone. Proposal Feedback

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Constructive Criticism ● Even in the context of fine art, the art is rarely successfully framed as “I can draw and I needed to do VR “ but instead perhaps something like – ○ “VR seems bereft of the charm of hand-hewn art and I aimed to investigate that through producing an animated short that blends the strengths and exposes the weaknesses of each of these two mediums.” ● Start with the story and WHY it is best told through the medium offered. ● Deliver the video sooner. The video was really late to tell the specifies of the story or the cultural value (aka some kind of story about Cuban migration). ● Use the device as a central conceit Proposal Feedback

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Precedents ● Dragon’s Lair, Cuphead ● The experience was popular 10-15 years ago, via QR codes and early augmented reality, particularly in advertising. ● Labatt’s Beer and Fanta soda offered opportunities to make the world come alive by pointing a flip-phone camera at their labels as markers or at QR codes. It was very common in advertising and persists today Ex1, Ex2, Ex3, Ex4: Multi-User AR Exp , Multi-User2 ● You should review these examples to learn some dos and don’ts. Proposal Feedback

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03 User Scenario

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Concept Art

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Concept Art

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