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早わかり W3C Community Group 大木尊紀 / takanorip 2023.12.08 WeJS 43rd

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自己紹介 大木尊紀 / takanorip Ubie株式会社 デザインエンジニア 元フロントエンドエンジニア、現デザインエンジニア。
 症状検索エンジン ユビーの開発やデザインシステム構築、

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W3C Community Group とは?

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Community Group W3C Community and Business Groups give developers, designers, and anyone passionate about the Web a place to hold discussions and publish ideas. These groups are proposed and run by the community.

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Community Group „ Webに関する技術の仕様策定やテストの作成、仕様に関する議論などを行うための公開グ ループで、誰でも設立の提案・参加ができる „ Community Groupの設立にはグループ憲章の作成が必要なく、5人のメンバーがいれば 設立することが可能 „ W3Cでの議論に誰もが参加しやすくするための取り組みとして2011年に試験的に導入さ れ、今日まで運用されている „ 現在169グループある。

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Community Group Working Groupでカバーしきれない部分の標準化を 進めていくためのCommunity Group Community Groupで決められた仕様はW3C勧告には乗らないが、将来的にWGが作られ 正式な仕様になる可能性はある 正式な仕様ではないが、影響力のある企業の人間が参加していることも多いので業界内スタン ダードがCommunity Groupから作られていると考えると良い。 気になるコミュニティグループがあれば気軽に参加してみよう

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個人的注目 コミュニティグループ

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Design Tokens Community Group The Design Tokens Community Group's goal is to provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale. Design Tokens Format Module

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Design Tokens Community Group

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Open UI Community Group The group will be researching components and controls across the web and also looking to native paradigms to bring interoperability for design systems, frameworks and the web platform.

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Open UI Community Group

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Web of Things Community Group The goal of Web of Things Community Group is to accelerate the community activities around the recommendations and notes published by the WoT Working Group and Interest Group.

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ARIA and Assistive Technologies How WAI-ARIA is supported by assistive technologies, such as screen readers, is highly variable. This variation in WAI-ARIA rendering adds unnecessary complexity to the development of high-quality web experiences for users of assistive technologies and places significant limitations on the types of web widgets that can be made widely acc37

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Color on the Web Discussion forum between CSS experts, Color Management experts, and TV/Movie/Broadcast experts to explore use cases and inform W3C specification work (such as CSS Color 4 and subsequent levels). Both SDR and HDR are in scope. Wide gamut displays and the Web is in scope. Web use of ICC (v.4 and ICCMax) is in scope.

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Maps For HTML Community Group The Maps in HTML Community Group seeks to establish at least one hypermedia type which can be considered to be consumed by a (new) "map" element for HTML. Follow-on from Bar Camp at #lgd14. The objective will be to define a hypermedia type which can be linked to from a hypothetical (but prototyped in Web Components) "map" or (geo-map for Web Components) element which will provide simple mashup capabilities and user interface.