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M y n e t I n c . ( Securities Code: 3928) Nov 30, 2023 Company Overview

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Agenda 01 Corporate Information 02 Q3 Business Report 03 Q3 Topics

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4 About Us Company Name Mynet Inc. Representative Minoru Iwaki Location 2-11-3 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Establishment June 14, 2006 Business Game, Fantasy Sports Number of Employees* 371 *As of the end of December 2022 (Group consolidated, excluding indirect employment)

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Corporate Philosophy 5 With the Power of Digital, Aiming to realize a society where people can meet the people they want to meet when they want to meet them Realization of a society where people can meet the people they want to meet when they want to meet them Extending connections through the power of digital technology Vision Mission Value Integrity Be Smart Sincere and sincere Facing Social Value Act wisely, derive a reasonable solution Progressive Ownership Enjoy change and keep progressing Act with an overwhelming sense of ownership

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Business Overview 6 Focused on the purchase and long-term management of game titles Aiming to establish a fantasy sports business based on the game business Game Business Fantasy Sports Business Number of titles in operation 80 「B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023」 More than

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7 Game market has grown to over 2 trillion yen Sports market is expected to expand, due to government support Source:「ファミ通ゲーム白書2023」 Source:Cabinet Office「日本再興戦略2016」 Market Environment The domestic gaming market continues to expand. The size of our target market is also expanding steadily Domestic Game Market Domestic Sports Market The sports industry is expected to Market size is expected to grow to 15 trillion yen by 2025 (Unit: billion yen) (Unit: trillion yen) 5.5 10.0 15.0 2015 2020 2025 1,733 2,031 2019 2022

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Game Business|Competitiveness 8 Ability to procure game titles from various companies in the gaming industry Long-term operation through software planning and development Network with companies in the gaming industry Extensive title acquisition and M&A experience Sales Development Operation S trengths Skills and know-how based on quantitative analysis Experience in long-term management of more than 80 titles Knowledge backed by title management experience Game software development knowledge

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Game Business|Strategy 9 Business expansion into peripheral areas of the game business Secure stable earnings by changing sales composition Existing Business Domain Outsourcing Partially Outsourcing Development Outsourcing New Development 1 2 3 4 New Purchase and Operation Ongoing Policy Business expansion into new domains

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MEDIA Japan's largest basketball media 「BASKET COUNT」 MEMBER Experienced members with expertise in the sports content business SCHEME First in Japan B-League-approved fantasy sports PRODUCT Japan's largest fantasy sports 「B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023」 Fantasy Sports Business|Competitiveness 10 Aiming to evolve fan engagement with members with expertise in sports content and business S trengths

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Fantasy Sports Business|Strategy 11 Expansion of development 3 Lines 1 Line Accelerate fantasy sports business The Road to Business Expansion Product market fit of "B.LEAGUE#LIVE" completed Expand business to other sports based on the B.LEAGUE model B.LEAGUE Other Sports B Other Sports A

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© Mynet Inc. All rights reserved. 12 Q3 Business Report 02

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Executive Summary 13 No change in earnings forecast due to current business conditions Q3 operating profit was in the black. 「B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023」 「BASKET COUNT」 mark a KPI record high Fantasy Sports is off a good start. On the other hand, there were delays in acquiring game titles Existing operations performed well. M&A and business alliance to strengthen the partially outsourced business domain Completed reinforcement of new areas for sales growth

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Strategy for FY2023 14 Cost optimization in 1H, Revenue re-growth in 2H Focus on expansion of game business and establishment of fantasy sports business 1st Half 2nd Half Cost optimization Revenue re-growth Selection and concentration of new business Transformation of business structure through business transfer Fixed cost reduction Rationalization of 34 personnel Business expansion in the gaming market Shift resources to new areas in the game business Launching Businesses through business alliances Establishment of fantasy sports business 「B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023」 is off a good start Transition to a sustainable profit structure

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Q3 Results Financial Highlights 15 Revenue Behind Due to Acquisition Delays, but income remained strong Operating income was positive for three consecutive quarters Unit:million yen 2022 Q1-Q3 2023 1Q-Q3 YoY YoY% Revenue 7,863 6,630 △1,232 84.3% Operating Income △6 81 87 ー Ordinary income △16 73 89 ー Net Income △78 117 196 ー

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Progress against full year forecast 16 Solid performance against full-year forecasts Aiming to achieve full-year targets by expanding business into new areas Revenue Operating Income Net Income Ordinary Income 6,630 81 117 73 70.5% 73.9% 86.1% 117.5% Forecast :9,400 Forecast :110 Forecast :85 Forecast:100 Q3 Estimate 75% (Unit: Million yen)

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2,563 2,679 2,658 2,118 1,853 Revenue 17 Change in sales mix to ensure stable earnings Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 2023 2022 Sales composition was changed from Q3 to expand business. Net sales were 1,853 million yen due partly to a temporary factor (Unit: Million yen)

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22/3Q 22/4Q 23/1Q 23/2Q 23/3Q Amortization Fixed cost Variable cost Cost 18 Continued cost control Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 2023 1,846 2,587 2022 2,114 2,669 3,072 69.2% YoY Cost optimization is complete. Total cost was 1,846 million yen by continuing company-wide cost reduction (Unit: Million yen)

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Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Operating Income 19 70 3 7 Operating income in the Black for Three Consecutive Quarters. Transforming to a profitable structure by expanding the sales mix and cost optimization 2023 2022 Operating Income 22/3Q 22/4Q 23/1Q 23/2Q 23/3Q Amortization Fixed cost Variable cost Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 2023 2022 Expansion of sales mix Cost optimization -105 -392 (Unit: Million yen) Existing Outsourcing Partially Outsourcing Development Outsourcing New Development 1 2 3 4 New Purchase and Operation

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Balance Sheet 20 ▲ 23 19 33.0 32.2 -930.0 -430.0 70.0 570.0 1,070.0 1,570.0 (30.0) Net Cash Equity ratio Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Balance Sheet Net Cash / Equity ratio Total assets:3,436 Equity ratio maintained in the 30% range, and net cash turned positive in Q3 CA 2,760 FA 675 Cash 1,573 CL 1,315 LTL 981 NAV 1,139 2023 Total assets:3,463 23/Q2 23/Q3 CA 2,817 FA 646 Cash 1,554 CL 1,499 LTL 843 NAV 1,120 2022 2021 2020 (Unit: Million yen) (Unit: Million yen)

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Progress of FY2023 22 Switch to measures for sales re-growth from Q3. Focus on expansion of game business and establishment of fantasy sports business ・Minimize acquisition risk ・Selection and concentration of new investments ・Improve cost structure ・Expansion of business in the game market ・Establishment of fantasy sports business Transformation of profit structure Elimination of deficit structure 2022/Q4 2023/Q1-Q2 2023/Q3~ ・Share transfer of Shiga Lake Stars Co. ・Integration of indirect departments ・Rationalization of personnel Cost reduction Cost optimization Revenue re-growth Done Done Ongoing

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Business Progress 23 Existing operations remain strong, but acquisitions delayed Fantasy Sports posted record performance New area Fantasy Sports 〇 ○ ○ Game Business Sports DX Business Segment evaluation Situation New title releases and undertaking development contracts Strengthening new business areas through M&A and business alliances B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023: Sales and PUs reach record highs * BASKET COUNT: UUs reached a new record high ** Purchase and Operation Acquisition ✕ Acquisition of new titles slid to Q4 Title operations are solid *PU:Paid User **UU:Unique User

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Game Business|Partially Outsourcing 24 Expanding business into peripheral areas of games as a new revenue base Strengthening the partially outsourcing through M&A and business alliances Segment 買 取 Existing Outsourcing Partially Outsourcing Development Outsourcing New Development 1 2 3 4 New Purchase and Operation Deal Business alliance M&A

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Game Business|M&A 25 Consulting firm “Digon” joins our Group Aiming for medium-term growth through synergies between the two companies Medium-term growth Sales Network with companies in the gaming industry Operation Experience in long-term management of more than 80 titles Development Knowledge backed by title management experience New Tech Supporting Corporate Transformation with Advanced Technology DX Supporting strategy formulation and execution through digitization Start Up Supporting the launch and execution of new businesses

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Game Business|Alliance 26 Business Alliance with Game Creators Guild, a Creator Manpower Service Provider Launch of in-house human resource service business New company launched by members of a human resource services firm Rapid launch of human resource services business Expand growth in the area of partial outsourcing Improve personnel utilization ratio

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Fantasy Sports Business|New title release 27 B.LEAGUE #LIVE2023" for the 2023-2012 Season Released Strong sales due to product enhancements and popularity of the World Cup B.LEAGUE#LIVE2023 ( Japan Professional Basketball League Certified ) Record high Revenue PU Previous Season Highest sales/month Oct. 2023 YoY* 170% Previous Season Highest PUs/month Oct. 2023 * Percentage growth based on the highest recorded month in the previous season (2022-23) as 100 YoY* 251%

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Fantasy Sports Business |Renewal 28 Renewal of one of Japan‘s largest basketball media Enhanced and expanded content to make watching B-League games more enjoyable Providing B.LEAGUE players' stats data Centralized information for enjoying "B.LEAGUE #LIVE2023“! Real-time display of game progress All game statuses are displayed at a glance! Quick access to articles of interest Pick up information that makes B.LEAGUE games more enjoyable! 2022 2023 177 % YoY Record high UU Renewal Items

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Disclaimer 29 The information provided in this material includes so-called “forward-looking statements”. They are based on current estimates, forecasts, and assumptions that involve risks and involve uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially from those in the statements. These risks and uncertainties include general industry and market conditions, and general national and international economic conditions such as interest rate and currency exchange fluctuations. We are under no obligation to update or revise the "forward-looking information" contained in this document, even if new information or future events occur.

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