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Growing the WordPress design system Tammie Lister

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“The generally-accepted definition of a design system is that it’s the outer circle—it encompasses pattern libraries, style guides, and any other artefacts. But there’s something more. Just because you have a collection of design patterns doesn’t mean you have a design system. A system is a framework. It’s a rulebook. It’s what tells you how those patterns work together.”

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Why a design system?

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Why a WordPress design system?

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Easing contribution

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Remaining competitive

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Providing a foundation

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The WordPress design system so far

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Organic system

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The roots

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Governed The pattern library process is built in to your org Automatic The pattern library is part of your app build process Manual The pattern library has code snippets Static A static PDF of your brand guidelines Inconsistent The absence of a design system

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“If we consider a “system” as a combination of parts working together, and “design” as the plan of look and function of something….It’s not a component library you assemble like a puzzle and arrive at a consistent layout. A design system indeed has a presentation aspect, but it is also about function and integration. It is about experience.”

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User types

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Beyond core

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Within the system

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Extending the system

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Themes as design systems

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Client design systems

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“Several people of several teams are in charge of the system. The adoption of the system is quicker because everyone feels involve but it also needs team leaders that will keep an overall vision of it.” d03be6a0

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Hidden knowledge

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Out of sync silos

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It grew from one need

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System extenders

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Building on the system

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The extending dream

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The shipping trap

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“A design system needs support and love to be nurtured and to grow. It also needs investment.”

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The future

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Take stock

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Grow foundation

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“But it turns out a design system can't be perfected in solitude because it's rooted in human relationships. It serves as a mirror for the company, a reflection of the dynamics at play between designers, engineers, product managers and even customers…We began to treat the design system as a cultural project instead of a technical one.”

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