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Building an army of robots

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I’m Kyle Neath On the interwebs @kneath

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I’m Director of Design I work at GitHub. It’s a tech thing.

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Mostly, I discuss features write code sketch design

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2009 201

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2010 201

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2011 201

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NOW June 8, 2012

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Mission: Take over the world Let’s build the best company in the world

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does  robot  work Illustrations by @broccolini

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Hubot load fe memcache evict image me

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No content

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Hubot load fe memcache evict image me

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No content

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Hubot load fe memcache evict image me

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No content

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Hubot load fe memcache evict image me play thermonuclear war

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Hubot deploy Any app. Any branch. Production or staging.

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Anyone can deploy

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Everyone does deploy

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Hubot auto-deploy Starting to get complicated…

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Did the tests pass? Is your branch up to date? Is someone using production?

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That’s what robots are for Doing computer work so I don’t have to

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No content

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janky monitors app-perf groceries heaven team haystack kod office me play coalminer halp

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github’s internal tools introducing

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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No content

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… and so many more

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increase your potential for building rad shit TOOLS

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Network Ops Business Executive Copywriter Visual Designer UX Designer Sysadmin Assembly Hacker Kernel Hacker Mac Developer Marketer

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This is your potential How do you want to spend it? Proficient Mastered

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1997 I want to be a master Mac Developer Mastered

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1997 I want to be a master Visual Designer Mastered

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1997 I want to be a proficient Visual Designer and play around as a Mac Developer Proficient

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2012 I want to be a master Visual Designer and a proficient Mac Developer Proficient Mastered TOOLS and a proficient Marketer! and learn me some Unix!

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Our internal tools level up the whole company

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No managers No top-down “vision” No core hours No mandatory meetings No conference calls

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GitHub’s tools prevent chaos and give power to employees

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Our internal tools scale our business

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Our internal tools adapt Because that’s what software does

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But, what if we didn’t build these tools?

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become the culture internal TOOLS

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You should deploy MR. MANAGER

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deploy github to production HUBOT

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Everyone does deploy

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You need to run tests! MR. MANAGER

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Kyle, your branch has failing tests. I can’t deploy it right now. HUBOT

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Everyone does care about tests

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We’re a distributed company MR. MANAGER

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Everyone is distributed

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We’re an idea centered company MR. MANAGER

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GHTeam::Idea.count => 238

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No, we are an idea centered company

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Building software makes me happy

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Common sense scales companies

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To us, building internal tools was common sense

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Internal tools are the DNA of software companies Don’t look at them as wasted effort

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No content

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Internal tools can be beautiful

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“If you want a golden rule that will t everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

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No content

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Surround yourself with beautiful software