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Introduction to Marketing Operations Amit Kumar Backend Software Engineer, Tokyo

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● Introduction ● What is Marketing Operations? ● Marketing Operations Objective as a Business ● Inside of Marketing Operations ● Resulting Metrics ● Our Customers/Consumer of the Service ● The Backend Team ● Future of Marketing Ops and Challenges ● Tech Stack ● Key to Success Agenda

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About me… Amit Kumar ● Mercari JP ● Marketing Ops ● Backend Software Engineer ● Language (JP/EN): EN ● Originally from Ranchi, India ● 11+ years of experience. ● Deals in Backend Architecture and Development to build scalable system. ● Joined Mercari in March 2020. @Amit.Kumar Your photo

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● How to keep users engaged to our product/app/platform? ● How to increase the value proposition of our product/services to our users ? ● How does these value propositions alters wrt cost? ○ Percentage Discount ○ Monetary Value ○ Value of a specific product What is Marketing Ops?

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● It’s a promotional strategy adopted to incentivize users based on their actions which could be real time or in past. ● Marketing ops as a solution provides user segment, campaigns and incentive services to help tool consumers to design communication experiments and or incentive experiments. So, how do you define it?

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● Engage users and market product. ● Promote more of buying and selling. ● Build loyalty. ● Higher sales and revenue. ● Raise brand awareness. ● Quick monetary infusion into the business. ● Monitor user behavior to plan our future business. Objective!

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Who ● JP CRM ● Merpay ● Mercari Shops ● OMO ● Merlogi Which campaigns ● Referrals for customer acquisition ● New registration and onboarding (buy and list) ● Outerpay = MPU (Monthly Pay User) ● Merpay Smart Pay ● Easypay ● ….many more campaigns per month Who is using our tools / which campaigns

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Meet my team members… @keigo.andrade Engineering Manager @Rupesh Tech Lead @carolinesun Tech Lead @chan.jonathan Backend Engineer @Sora TPM @john.lau Backend Engineer @tenlingP Backend Engineer @codechaitu Backend Engineer @Amit.Kumar Backend Engineer

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● Build a common Marketing Platform for the whole group ● Scalability ● Performance ● Availability ● Data Integrity ● Code Efficiency Future challenges…

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● Golang ● GCP ● Spanner ● DataFlow ● Pub/Sub ● Docker ● Kubernetes ● Spinnaker Backend Tech Stack

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Aligned by Mercari values ● Go Bold ● All For One ● Be a pro Our Key to success as a team

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Thank you!!!