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進擊的後端 殺掉 bug 另⼀端的敵⼈,我們就能獲 得真正的⾃由嗎?

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01 02 03 04 Agile Development Backend 少年 Life in LINE Self Introduction CONTENT

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Chris Shin l MIS @NCCU l BA @CCU l 2023 | LINE TECH FRESH @LY Corp l 2023 | Technical Architecture Intern @Cathy Financial Holding

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Why Agile Development Became More Popular? Source:

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Agile Development Methodology -- Scrum Source:

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Frontend? Backend? Source:網路

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Backend Life Cycle Coding Test Matain Code Code Enhance ment Backend Engineer Source:網路

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Tool Source:網路

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Life in LINE

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How did I prepare the internship? Resume: Personal Information • Full Name, Contact Information ,and preferably links to LinkedIn or GitHub profiles. Education Technical Skills and Experience • Such as programming languages , software , tools. • The role and responsibility you played in teamwork. • Side project. Self Promotion(<500) • All you want to tell.

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How to interview? P roject : Outline a task or project. A ction : Detail your actions. R esult : Highlight the outcomes. A ftermath : Describe the impact. D ecision : Share your decisions. Source:網路

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